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3 Reasons to Try Fetch by Dext Prepare

Fetch automatically retrieves invoices from over 1600 businesses, from Amazon to Uber
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Accountants and bookkeepers can spend hours chasing clients for purchase invoices - time that Invoice Fetch by Dext Prepare can save.

With a Dext account, Fetch is easy to set up and use. You’ll just need your login credentials for a supplier - like Amazon, eBay, and your energy providers. You can choose the range of dates Dext will Fetch items for - it could be a week, or even the entire available history. 

But saving time is just the beginning - here are three more reasons to try Fetch:

1) Adds value to your practice

Missing paperwork for accountants and bookkeepers means that the purchase ledger in the accounting system is not up to date or accurate, worse yet, reconciliations cannot be completed on time. This results in a delay with completing tasks and additional time being incurred but not recoverable. 

2) Fetch will save bookkeepers and accountants hours due to not having to chase clients for missing paperwork. 

You can send a request to clients to connect to a supplier -- once the connection is set up, you will have these documents automatically pulled in from the supplier for your client.

The purchases cycle can be streamlined further by using other Dext features like purchase order matching, auto categorisation, supplier rules and auto publishing ensuring maximum efficiency and a “no-hands” approach to accountancy with Dext doing all the hard work for you. 

The time saved can be used supporting more of your clients and providing additional services, or a day off. 

3) Tried and loved

The popularity of Fetch is growing at an exponential rate. In 2020, we Fetched over two million items for our users, saving valuable time for accountants and bookkeepers who could then provide more valuable advice and services to clients. There are currently 35 thousand businesses using Fetch, and 125 thousand unique connections to suppliers.

Always evolving

We regularly review customer requests for new Fetch suppliers. Since the start of 2020, we’ve added an additional 200 supplier portals that our customers have asked for. We actively review the usage and performance of the Fetch engine and make refinements to ensure it’s working as best it can for our customers.

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