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4 benefits of simPRO and Xero for field service management

Are you working with a field service client and feel like there is something missing from their overall business management?

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Chances are you’ve realised it’s because there isn’t a connection between the software they use to run their business and the software they use for accounting processes. If this is the case, there are likely some underlying process inefficiencies which could then turn into profit loss. It’s important to remember that no matter how organised either the business operations side of your client’s company is run and how organised the accounting side of the business is, a link between the two is what will help take your client’s business to the next level. 

Luckily if you have clients working in the field service industry, they can reap the benefits of the integration between job management software simPRO and Xero. 

Benefits of integrating simPRO and Xero

1) A truly end-to-end operations management software

From invoices through to payments, Xero’s integration with simPRO enables your clients to have a single source of truth of their business. What does this mean? It means that both systems can collect data and share that information between each other. Not only does this make it easier to keep track of all the financials moving in and out of a business, it also speeds up processes. And, because both software are cloud-based, the integration syncs changes from either software, to the other in real time. This keeps data up-to-date, so all stakeholders can know what’s happening wherever they are and whenever they need an update. 

2) Streamline your accounts receivable

An integration between simPRO and Xero allows your clients to create and send professional customer invoices in simPRO or in the field using simPRO Mobile. These can be seamlessly transferred to Xero for complete accounts receivable management. No more sending details back to the office and then having to wait another few days or a week for that information to be shared with the accounting software, the integration makes this process seamless.

And, with a direct bank feed to Xero, bank reconciliation is a breeze. Customer payments made to your client’s bank accounts are linked to their matching sales invoice and can then be synced back into simPRO ensuring both systems are always fully reconciled.

What our customers say:

“We have 15-20 income accounts in Xero, and they all align with the same income accounts in simPRO. I can analyse areas of the business where we are doing well, or maybe not doing well, and look at margins at each level to see how we’re performing and how we can improve.”Peter Farnell, Knight Security UK

3) Strengthen your accounts payable and reporting

Is your client struggling with organising their accounts payable? Are bills overdue or not being paid until the last minute? The integration between simPRO and Xero helps your clients take control over their accounts payable. Once set up, users can quickly transfer contractor and supplier invoices from simPRO to Xero to improve payment accuracy and fuel profit and loss reporting.

What our customers say:

“A great thing about simPRO is that it has an integration with accounting packages like Xero, which we use. That allows us to get our invoices and all our accounts from simPRO into an accounting package which we can work with, and our accountants can work with remotely.” Aaron Cluff, DC Electrical

4) Relieve payroll stress

For most employees of any business, the phrase “it’s pay week” sparks joy. But for accountants running payroll services for field service businesses or payroll officers working within them it can also be a source of stress due to timesheet-based roadblocks. There’s a lot of responsibility placed on the payroll department to make sure everyone is paid correctly. From chasing down timesheets, through to the mountain of data entry, processing the company’s payroll can be a difficult and time consuming task. 

Now, there’s good news for businesses using the simPRO Xero integration. Following the latest update, simPRO timesheets can be posted directly to Xero to reduce manual data entry during pay runs*. 

(*Not available in the USA and Canada as Xero Payroll is not supported in these regions) 

The new Xero Timesheets integration replaces a previously manual data process to reduce risk of error and your payroll team’s stress levels. 

Are you a Xero-certified partner? Join forces with simPRO!

At simPRO we join forces with accountants, business consultants, wholesalers and fellow cloud-based software platforms to create a complete service offering for our customers. But our partner program isn’t only of benefit to our customers. We’ve carefully designed this program so we can support you, our partners, as well. The simPRO partner program supports you in your endeavours to optimise and grow your client’s business through value-added services.

Help your clients manage their entire business. From initial request for a job to final invoicing, with simPRO your clients can streamline workflows, automate processes, connect the office and the field and gain essential business insights.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Partner at zero cost, plus your clients get exclusive discounts
  • No hassle referrals, we handle the sales and implementation
  • Collaborate with a dedicated Partner Manager
  • Be rewarded, earn commissions or gain access to client insights and reports

Become a simPRO Partner today.

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