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Accountants using WhatsApp - Yikes!

September 12, 2022

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How many times a day do you open up your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to send a quick message? If you are like the average accountant, it is probably a
lot! However, you probably aren’t using these casual chat apps to discuss sensitive financial

Chat apps have become the preferred means of communication to cut through email clutter and to get quicker responses from clients but they bring huge risks. Primarily they aren’t GDPR compliant or audit trail secure. Yet, because these regulations are so complex, many accountants aren’t aware that they are exposing both themselves and their firms to liability by using common chat apps (and other software).

Seeing this as a critical industry problem, Timworks has broken down the often-confusing world of GDPR and compliance into an easy to understand framework for UK accountants in their newly published white paper “GDPR made easy (really!) for UK Accountants.” In the white paper you’ll find:

  • Simple definitions and explanations
  • A discussion of Brexit
  • Tips for compliance
  • Common mistakes
  • Reference guides

This white paper explains GDPR and what is at stake for accountancy firms without using obscure jargon. Timworks has put together very actionable tips and advice for finance professionals to make the right decisions when picking new tools and when selecting new software providers.

“We created this easy to read white paper because we have met so many accountants and financial advisors who don’t realise they are exposing themselves to liability by using common chat or communication apps.” - Ben Marcilhacy, Timworks CEO

Timworks is the only client support app for accountants and their clients. New exciting features have just been launched in August 2022 with the most recent version update.

Timworks was founded in 2020 by CEO Ben Marcilhacy and CTO Harris Kontogiannis who have previously worked in companies including Google or Mastercard. The app has been designed and developed entirely within the UK. It is currently available on iOS and Android.

Download the white paper here.

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