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Add AI to your AR: A sneak peek at the AI-Powered Email Generator by ezyCollect

July 3, 2023

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As businesses grow and expand, managing accounts receivables can become a daunting task. With countless invoices to send out and payments to track, it’s no wonder that many businesses struggle to keep up with their accounts receivables. That’s where our new AI-powered email integration comes in.

Soon in ezyCollect: AI-powered email generator

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new feature that will revolutionise the way businesses manage their accounts receivables. Our AI-powered email template generator takes the hassle out of sending out email reminders, with each email customised based on the recipient and the keywords you provide.

This new feature makes it much more likely that your customers will respond and pay up, since each email is tailored to the specific customer. A bespoke approach that also works at scale, and is fully automated – so you never have to struggle through writer’s block again. Say goodbye to generic payment reminders and hello to personalised, effective email communication.

How does the AI-powered email generator work?

Our AI-powered email integration is easy to use and customizable to fit the needs of your business. Simply input instructions, and our AI will generate a custom email tailored to your specific needs. This not only saves time and effort, but it also ensures that each email is unique and effective in achieving the desired result: payment.

In addition to its customisability, ezyCollect’s AI-powered tool is also incredibly efficient. With the ability to send out multiple emails simultaneously, businesses can streamline their accounts receivable process and save valuable time.

At ezyCollect, we understand the importance of effective accounts receivable management. With our AI-powered email generator, businesses can improve their communication with clients and increase their collection efficiency, reducing the time it takes to get paid.

Bring the power of AI to your cashflow, our new AI-powered email integration is a game-changer for accounts receivables management. With its customisability, efficiency, and effectiveness, businesses can now take control of their accounts receivables like never before.

Ready to experience the future of accounts receivables management?

Stay tuned for the official launch and be among the first to take advantage of this game-changing feature.

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