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Aider Leads the Way in AI Accounting: Simplifying Compliance, Scaling Advisory

Maximise Efficiency and Growth Potential with Aider's Innovative Solutions

This article explores Aider’s latest releases, provides a sneak peek of their roadmap, and shares a customer's experience with Aider.
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Aider’s AI powered platform is helping accountants streamline compliance and advisory, enabling them to expand their value-add advisory services to more clients in a fraction of the time.

Aider had a busy 2023, establishing itself as a game-changer in modern accounting. Currently available in New Zealand and Australia, Aider has been referred to as the "ChatGPT for Accountants” as well as an “Accounting Virtual Assistant” and was named as part of Xero’s “preferred app stack” for accounting practices.

But first, nailing compliance.

Navigating compliance requirements is a time-consuming task that can divert your most valuable resources, the team at Aider understands this firsthand. That's why they developed a tool that streamlines compliance processes, freeing up time and resources for more impactful client-focused initiatives.

Data reconciliations made easy with the Data Compliance tool.

Aider's platform helps get your firm closer to a "real time data" strategy, which is integral for accountants wishing to scale their advisory services. With their Data Compliance tool, accountants can breeze through data compliance tasks, boosting profits on every client job. By automating data due diligence checks, the tool helps accountants standardise and streamline processes, saving valuable time previously spent on cumbersome admin work.

The updated Data Compliance tool not only cuts down on data cleanup time but also promotes consistency and improves data quality across all clients. This means faster completion of Accounts and Tax Return filing jobs, providing accountants with accurate real-time data to deliver top-tier advisory services to more clients.

Don’t get caught out working for free

Aider’s recently released Client Activity Summary ensures accountants have the data they need to quote for jobs accurately and plan resources accordingly. No more underquoting and having to do unpaid work. No more stress of inadequate planning and staffing. No more upset clients waiting for their jobs to be done yesterday.

By summarising the volume of client transactions, invoices and bills, the Activity Summary gives accountants a snapshot of their client's key Xero activity trends. This enables accountants to adjust their service pricing accordingly.

Democratising Advisory Services for All.

The traditional approach to advisory is not scalable. Aider changes that.

With a commitment to enhancing efficiency for accountants and staying at the forefront of evolving AI technologies, Aider introduced a world-first Advisory Assistant in mid 2023. This innovative tool changed the game, reducing analysis burdens, allowing accountants to add value for more of their clients.

Aider's AI-powered Advisory Assistant helps accountants analyse data and craft client communications in small-business-friendly language, this makes it easy to assist more clients with minimal effort. Perhaps the best part is accountants can rest assured that the data is fully secure, providing peace of mind to both accountants and their clients.

Hassle-free reporting with Aider’s report pack

Aider's report pack – featuring an AI-powered executive summary – is another feature that they released in 2023 and has become a valuable time-saving asset. Aider understands that report writing can be tedious, so they’ve incorporated an AI-powered executive summary and action points, as well as automated graph generation in their report pack. All you have to do is give it your final approval, and the AI-powered tool generates a comprehensive report. This report can be downloaded as a Word document, with customisable branding, ready for editing, printing, or saving and sending.

Traditionally, advisory services have been reserved for a select group of high-value clients. However, Aider disrupts this norm by democratising advisory services supporting a productised and productionised advisory approach. This shift not only aids clients in their growth but contributes to the expansion of an accountant's own business.

Take it from a customer.

Aider helps Fiscal Artisans to “go beyond the numbers”.

Hear how Stuart Smith, CEO of Fiscal Artisans, uses Aider to propel their business beyond traditional accounting services.

“In the 30 or so years I’ve been in business, the accounting industry has changed a lot. The move to real-time data and automated dashboards that crystallise client data has been key. Over the past couple of years I was looking for a platform like this and that’s how I found Aider.

Since using Aider, we’re spending less time on low-dollar services and more time on high-value services. The time we’ve saved has enabled us to do more than just help our clients with basic accounting data – we’re able to offer more $300 advisory services, instead of just basic $30 accounting services.”

A Glimpse into the Future: Aider's Dedication to Innovation

Aider is dedicated to optimising technology and AI for accountants. Brendan Roberts, Aider's CEO, recently shared his insights at's AI in Accounting Symposium, emphasising Aider's unwavering commitment to providing AI-powered software that not only saves time but also significantly boosts profitability for advisors.

"AI is where it’s at. We’ve all heard AI isn’t going to replace accountants, but accountants must embrace the technology to stay ahead in the game. We're already impressed with how the industry has adopted AI, and we're keeping ourselves at the forefront of new technologies to lead the charge. Our aim is to continually enhance accountants' practices, ultimately benefiting their small business customers.”

Sneak Peek: What’s in store for Aider?

Aider continues to innovate and will be focusing on enhancing the platform with improved prompt management within their Advisory Assistant, enhancing their AI data models and expanding on their benchmarking offering.

Shaping the Future of Accounting with Aider

Aider goes beyond being just a compliance tool - it's on a journey to change the way accounting works. By streamlining processes, democratising advisory services, and leveraging AI, Aider empowers accountants to navigate the ever-evolving landscape  with ease. Simplicity, efficiency and innovation are at the heart of Aider’s mission, providing a preview of the future of accounting driven by artificial intelligence. For those intrigued by Aider, now is the time to discover and embrace the efficiency and innovation it brings to the accounting profession.

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