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Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform: the up-and-coming SaaS product that is empowering advisors

Aider continues developing their platform; chasing their goal of proactive, scalable advisory

In this article we explore Aider’s latest product feature releases, as well as share some invaluable feedback from their customers.
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Earlier this year, in XU Magazine’s 30th issue, we set the stage for Aider’s new Advisory Intelligence Platform – an intuitive, intelligent platform built for accountants and bookkeepers.  

We shared how Aider’s mission, as in its name – Aider; to help or aid – is to empower accountants and bookkeepers with smart technology, so that they can provide more personalised, proactive advisory services. 

The vision: Xero and Aider together – a complimentary suite of tools

Aider’s intuitive Advisory Platform was developed with Xero users in mind. The team at Aider fell in love with the concept of using artificial intelligence to speed up accounting processes, and so they followed in the same direction by creating a platform to power up advisory.

The two platforms connect seamlessly; Aider pulls the data from Xero, pre-analyses it and presents it in an insightful, digestible format for accountants and bookkeepers. Together, the two platforms offer advisors a complete and powerful suite of tools.

An up-and-coming Advisory Platform – what’s new in Aider?

In the last few months, Aider has released several new product features that are already proving to be invaluable tools for their growing customer base. 

Let’s take a look inside the Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform, to see what’s new…

A new and improved cash flow forecast feature

Aider’s innovative cash flow forecast feature has been upgraded with the use of multiple time series models and a smart system that selects the most effective model for each client. 

This new feature acts as an ‘early warning system’, providing accountants and bookkeepers with accurate forecasts so they can think ahead and act proactively, instead of reactively.

The latest version of Aider’s client dashboard screen

Aider’s new and improved client dashboard screen allows accountants and bookkeepers to ‘manage by exception’ making it easier to proactively reach out to their clients when they need their help the most. 

At a glance, advisors can now see which clients need their attention by sorting them via financial performance alerts and insights, client name, and industry. This allows for internal benchmarking; providing advisors with the insights they need to compare and contrast clients by industry. 

A brand new ‘multiple insights’ automated email feature

Aider’s new ‘multiple insights’ feature allows advisors to send multiple insights (including intuitive graphs) via one email message at a time. With just a few clicks, advisors can proactively reach out to clients; sending them multiple financial performance insights at once.

Aider’s email feature also has new ‘email templates’ and ‘visual graph’ features, providing advisors with the tools they need to more easily send insights to their clients at scale. 

More advanced income tax estimates, GST forecasts and other key insights

Aider’s machine learning has been upgraded to more efficiently generate income tax estimates, GST forecasts, profitability indicators and other key insights. 

This improved forecasting feature provides accountants and bookkeepers with more accurate data and visual graphs so that they can spot trends more easily, and proactively warn and prepare their clients ahead of time.

Growth and development: how Aider’s platform has transformed in less than a year

Since releasing the Advisory Intelligence Platform at the start of this year, the Aider team have been working hard to fine-tune their platform – adding new and improved, innovative features. In this article we’ve highlighted just a few of these many new features.

And Aider’s steady, continual development is helping them grow their business. Their customer base is growing, and they’re already starting to see positive impacts of their platform through the invaluable feedback of their customers. 

Wondering how accountants see Aider as an integral component of their accounting tech stack? Find the answer to this question below…

An insider’s perspective: accountants using Aider

‘Sidekick’ – a tech-enabled accounting firm using Aider

Sidekick is an innovative accounting firm that optimises predictable and powerful software in order to take charge of accounting in a more efficient way. 

The Sidekick team has been in contact with Aider since the early stages of development, and they went live with Aider in their practice a few months ago. Sidekick sees tech as “the backbone of accounting”, which is why they’ve believed in Aider’s vision since the beginning.

“Aider’s dashboard triages our clients’ finances, and provides us with alerts in real-time. It provides us with a clear view of all of our clients’ information in one place, at little cost. We feel comforted by the fact that we can bring any financial urgencies to our customers’ attention ahead of time.”

‘Antlab’ – an all-inclusive consultancy service for small businesses

Antlab is a unique accounting and consultancy practice that is paving the way for small businesses with modern technology, creativity and cryptocurrency. Their all-inclusive service offering is divided into 3 unique categories: Antlab Hub, Meta and Creative. 

Antlab has been in touch with Aider since they released the first version of the Advisory Intelligence Platform, and since the beginning, they have anticipated it to be an invaluable tool for their business.

“We only started using Aider recently, but so far we love the visibility of Aider’s platform, and we are looking forward to using it more in the future. We love how we can see every single one of our clients’ data in one place, and sort them by turnover.”

Looking forward: what lies ahead for Aider?

Since Aider entered the fintech SaaS space back in 2018, their vision and mission to optimise artificial intelligence in order to help accountants and bookkeepers provide more proactive advisory, has remained the same. And it is without a doubt that this mission will be just as true tomorrow as it is today. 

Sneak peek: what product features are the team at Aider working on?

Aider has some exciting upcoming releases coming soon, including an upgraded ‘data health checklist’, the ability for advisors to configure their personal dashboard and insights, improvements to the ‘send to client’ capabilities, and many more!

“During our early access phase, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top advisory firms in New Zealand and Australia – and with the help of customer feedback, the team at Aider will continue to improve and develop our product. 

Our mission is to help scale advisory services so that all clients have the best experiences possible and love working with their advisors. The benefits for advisors will be significant, and this is what drives us.” – Brendan Roberts, CEO

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