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AM’s year so far: 3 integrations, white-labelling and more

Back in February, we boldly announced AccountancyManager’s 2021 roadmap. In just six months, we’ve released three big integrations, white-labelling for Client Portals and a few smaller - but useful - features.
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Zapier integration

This one integration opens up a whole world of possible connections between AM and other software you might use.

Automatically add a client to Practice Ignition

You could use a ‘Zap’ to automatically create a client in AccountancyManager each time a client accepts a proposal in Practice Ignition.

Create a client in AM from your proposal software

If you use Practice Ignition, you could use a ‘Zap’ to automatically create a client in AccountancyManager each time a client accepts a proposal in Practice Ignition

Sage Business Cloud integration

If you or your client makes a change to their details in their Sage Business Cloud Accounting account, these changes will be reflected in the client’s file and portal on AccountancyManager. Thanks to the two-way sync, this works the other way around too.

QuickBooks integration: Now with invoicing

We unleashed our QuickBooks integration in two phases. Released last year, phase one allowed you to sync client details, in both directions, between AccountancyManager and QuickBooks. Phase two – now live – adds invoicing.

Synced and linked invoices

When you create an invoice in AM, a corresponding invoice will be created in QuickBooks and vice versa. Any updates are reflected across both systems, including when an invoice is marked as paid or partially paid. 

Invoices in QuickBooks format

You can update the format of your invoice in AM to mirror the format of invoices in QuickBooks. Products and services that you set up within Quickbooks are also in AM and the rate and tax for each will be populated when you select the product or service. 

Additional QuickBooks functionality (depending on your QuickBook Settings) includes Bundles, Shipping, Deposits and Discounts. 

White-labelling: Make the Client Portal look like part of your website

Our Client Portal gives your clients access to their documents, details and deadlines. They can also sign documents online. With white labelling, you can make the Client Portal look like part of your website. Your branding, your subdomain, not a glimpse of AccountancyManager in sight.

Choose your own subdomain 

Currently, all Client Portals have the same web address:

With white labelling, the web address is up to you.

Add your logo, brand colours, font and a background image

You’ve always been able to add a few branding elements to the Client Portal, but with white labelling, you have many more customisable options. Your clients will see your logo, brand colours and font everywhere. 

New small but powerful features

We’re always adding new things to existing features that hold a great deal of potential. Last year, the most popular were Target Dates for Tasks and pausing the timer in Time Tracking. 

  • Forward emails from the Client Timeline 
  • Create new Tasks from the Client Timeline
  • Automate Letter of Engagement re-signing

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