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An Inventory Bulls Eye: How Fishbowl Helped Raider Targetry Hit the Mark.

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In the dynamic landscape of high-tech industries, where intricate high-mix, low-volume production intersects with complex products and rapid technological advancements, achieving precision in inventory management can pose a formidable challenge.

Recognizing the critical role of robust inventory management in overcoming these challenges, Raider Targetry, a pioneering force in military training solutions, proudly unveils a groundbreaking advancement in efficiency through the integration of Fishbowl Inventory, a market leading software solution for inventory management.

Mick Fielding, CEO & CTO, Raider Targetry

CEO & CTO Mick Fielding, alongside Executive Director Cody Webster, envisioned Raider Targetry’s global potential since its inception. Mr. Fielding emphasized the strategic importance of establishing a solid foundation for products and services to support the company’s growth trajectory, stating, “When we were looking at building the business, we knew that we needed an inventory management system that would support us today, but also into the growth that we would expect in the future.”

According to Simon Jupe, Fishbowl APAC Managing Director, “Accurate and efficient tracking of inventory movement from inception to its final consumption point is crucial for effective control and decision-making processes within a business. Investing in a system that enables both signature tracking and inventory tracking facilitates swift resolution in cases where physical transactions diverge from the system records.”

Tim Kelly, Digital Systems Manager at Raider Targetry, expressed the transformative impact of Fishbowl, stating, “Fishbowl’s been game-changing for us in terms of having that single source of truth that everybody can refer to, to understand the status of any particular work order at any point in time.”

Tim Kelly, Digital Systems Manager, Raider Targetry

Further affirming his endorsement of the solution, Mr. Kelly emphasized, “Fishbowl’s also been fantastic in terms of helping us to save costs, in particular the labour cost of trying to coordinate all of these different production and work orders. The main thing though, that Fishbowl’s really helped us with in terms of productivity is the ease of integration into the engineering software that we’re using. Implementing a new inventory management system is often a big commitment for any organisation. Thankfully, the Fishbowl support team is fantastic, and they’ve made it really, really easy for us to configure Fishbowl in a way that’s suitable for our organisation.”

The software’s capabilities extend to meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance by providing accurate records, traceability, and comprehensive reporting features. Mr. Kelly highlighted Fishbowl’s prowess in digital track and trace, serialization, and managing complete bills of materials, ensuring the delivery of clean and clear, real-time information to the Defence Force.

Looking ahead, Mr. Kelly emphasized forthcoming enhancements, stating, “In the future, we’ve got an extensive amount of automated purchase order and production order planning coming into play. We’ve got additional integration through the full depth of our bills of materials, and we’re tracking a lot of custom fields like NATO stock numbers and those kinds of things too.”

Mr. Fielding reiterated the strategic alignment of Fishbowl with Raider Targetry’s objectives, stating, “Fishbowl in particular has a number of features which support what we do. Fishbowl gives us a single source of truth for everything we do within the business, especially when it comes to production, but also supporting our R&D activities.”

Simon Jupe, MD Australia, Fishbowl

Simon Jupe, Fishbowl APAC Managing Director, underscored the scalability of Fishbowl software emphasizing, “As high complexity, low volume businesses grow or evolve, Fishbowl software can scale to help our clients meet their changing needs. This flexibility can be essential, especially for companies dealing with diverse and evolving product lines.”

Mr. Fielding concluded, “As a company developing high-tech solutions, we need high-tech business processes that support what we do, and especially those that scale with the business as we expand globally. The technology we’re developing has fast iteration cycles, they’re technically complex systems, and we need products that support the business that work in the same manner. Fishbowl was a natural fit for us and very much complementary to the tech stack we’d already brought on board. Now that we’ve partnered with Fishbowl, we’re really excited to see where the future will take us and we have full confidence that we’ve got the right partners in place to get there.”

Raider Targetry’s strategic integration of Fishbowl Inventory represents a paradigm shift in inventory management, reinforcing their commitment to operational excellence, innovation, and global growth.

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