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Annature and Company 123 Partner to Provide a Comprehensive Solution for Business Formation and eSigning Processes in Australia

May 4, 2023

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Annature Brisbane, QLD and Company 123 Melbourne, VIC - Annature, a leading provider of electronic signature solutions, and Company 123, a renowned provider of business formation and ASIC registration services, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at simplifying and accelerating the process of starting and managing businesses in Australia.

The integration will enable entrepreneurs and business owners across Australia to benefit from a seamless, streamlined experience when it comes to forming and registering their companies, as well as signing and processing important documents electronically.

By combining Annature's cutting-edge eSigning technology with Company 123's expertise in business formation and registration, the two companies aim to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that meets the needs of today's entrepreneurs.

"We are thrilled to partner with Company 123 and to work together to empower Australian entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start and grow their businesses," said Amreeta Abbott, CEO of Annature. "Our eSigning technology offers a secure and efficient way for businesses to manage their documentation, and with Company 123's expertise in business formation and registration, we believe we can offer a truly comprehensive solution that meets the needs of modern entrepreneurs."

"We are excited to join forces with Annature and to bring a new level of convenience and efficiency to the process of forming and managing businesses in Australia," said Boris Garber, CEO of Company 123. "Our combined expertise will allow us to offer a comprehensive solution that simplifies the process for entrepreneurs and helps them get their businesses up and running more quickly and easily."

The partnership between Annature and Company 123 is expected to help thousands of Australian entrepreneurs and business owners streamline their processes, reduce their paperwork burden, and focus more of their time and resources on growing their businesses.

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