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Annature eSigning & ID Verification platform - the ultimate digital accounting business tool

When compliance and customer service matters

Annature CEO Amreeta Abbott is convinced it’s smarter to digitally transform business – as customers demand speed and security
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Every accounting firm should use integrated tools to automate manual signing and identity verification.

To keep compliant, efficient, and productive and focus on adding the value clients want from their most trusted partner.

Clients turn to accountants to help them through digital transformation – and ongoing digital transformation. This is a journey that never ends.

As an accountant, you can build trust virtually with the right digital tools.  It is a small investment for an immediate big return. Customers trust accountants who underpin core business functions with a digital transformation mindset.

Annature eSigning and ID Verification is fully aligned with customer expectations across any industry. We already integrate with leading practice management software such as Xero, APS, GreatSoft and MYOB to share a single transparent view of client verification status. 

Our bank-grade security is underpinned by ISO 27001 certification to keep data, documents, and sensitive client information onshore and secure.

Huge growth

We’ve experienced a huge growth surge across a broad range of industries – from accounting to financial services to legal and retail because we seamlessly integrate with any system and execute agreements and the client process in one transaction, on one platform and at an incomparable price.

Customers have come to expect a certain level of efficiency, usability, and ease of use from our integrated eSigning platform, factors carried into our ID Verification product. A string of recent awards highlights we are being recognised internationally for our eSigning and ID Verification technology and innovation.

Another way we are being recognised is how we partner with other innovative professionals such as Accountants Direct, now positioning itself for accelerated growth.

Accountants Direct

Accountants Direct has a significant corporate base and clients who interact from retail locations Australia-wide, online or by phone. This is a trusted and established accounting business that in the past decade alone has serviced more than 45,000 clients and assisted almost 11,000 businesses.

By scaling for growth, Accountants Direct can now target clients who are missing out on a greater range of tax deductions. Digital tax returns whilst growing in popularity sometimes mean you don’t know what you are missing out on. Many clients will benefit from a documented digital trail to claim entitlements from investments in shares or property and Accountants Direct are doing something about it. 

Accountants Direct signed with Annature to solve the challenge of executing contracts quickly, so its clients could seamlessly check and complete their final tax documentation. The company now uses our integrated platform to send customers an SMS message with a link to digitally sign tax returns from their phones.

The 50 Accountants Direct consultants nationwide now have the means to remove the friction points in the process, digitally integrating this process within their existing system.

Stephen Burns, the CEO and founder of Accountants Direct explains that by using Annature they’re assured they have the latest technology, with up-to-date compliance and confidence in the security of sensitive client data because - as an Australian-owned company – it’s kept onshore.

And we love how they are happy not to take up the option of white-labelling Annature. For Accountants Direct it is important to  showcase an innovative Aussie brand – and in any case were very familiar with the calibre of the Annature team from a previous relationship we enjoyed under my first venture with NowInfinity.

The partnership expands Accountants Direct eSigning and ID Verification digital footprint.  It is about compliance now and in the future. It is actively considering the incorporation of Annature’s latest offering, ID Verification, for new clients to ensure it remains compliant with Tax Practitioners Board guidelines.

We value long-term relationships like we have with Stephen and his team where the value of advanced technology is recognised.

The Annature platform is fully inclusive for meeting Proof of Identity requirements. It also has immediate internal benefits for any company. Re-thinking how you work with eSigning saves an average of 2.2 hours per contract. Those benefits are profound since re-deploying staff to higher-value activities is known to improve the bottom line by 10%. 

Refocus on customers

Accountants require a signature on an engagement letter and an authority to act when engaging a new client. That’s the same time you should conduct identity verification steps. There’s no sense in doing these two things at different times. The time savings are huge but more importantly the client experience is improved because they only need to action one process, not one today and another tomorrow.

Annature eSigning is lightning-fast, seamless, and secure with proven KYC and AML functionality, backed by ISO 27001 certification to keep data, documents and information secure for customer peace of mind worldwide.

Now more than ever accountants can become proactive. To engage in much more than tax and compliance, to advise and scale for growth and target potential clients.

Customers expect data to be safe. Regulators demand compliance. The pace of change is not going to slow down. Greater agility and closer ties between accountants and customers will maximise your own performance and financial returns.

In a world where regulatory demands are becoming more complex and can change rapidly, your clients need proactive advice more than ever. Using the Annature platform to process your eSigning and ID Verification keeps you completely up to date with compliance at a price point international providers cannot match. 

The beneficiaries will be you, your staff, and empowered, satisfied, and thankful clients.

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