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Benefits of Sitting Above Sharepoint

September 21, 2020

We often get asked why SuiteFiles sits above SharePoint and what benefit this gives our customers. SharePoint is a tool created by Microsoft for businesses to build products around to best suit their specific needs. By building SuiteFiles on top of SharePoint, we’re able to not only create a document management system but also other features that our users love such as Document Signing, Connect, and many security options!
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SharePoint, when configured well, has amazing usability for both our developers and our customers. We can create many awesome features while keeping the main document management and security options of Microsoft Office. This lets our customers know their documents are being kept safe inside a system they have experience using. This also creates a seamless integration experience between SuiteFiles and Microsoft Office.

If you want to read more about this integration, head to our website here!

Can I create my own system?

SharePoint requires specialist knowledge to configure it to business needs. As many businesses require different functionality that works best for them, lots of large firms employ their own developers who can create systems via SharePoint to do exactly that. SuiteFiles is the bridge for small businesses who don’t have this capability, we also provide more features that the typical document management system created in-house. By being the steppingstone, businesses no longer need to worry about creating their own systems and can rely on someone else for the upkeep which means time and cost savings.

High security

All files stored within SuiteFiles are held in Microsoft’s servers. This gives higher security and allows us to use Microsoft’s features such as multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention and auditing and logging.

  • Data Loss Prevention

Clients and colleagues can sometimes fall for phishing attacks, not understand technology too well, or just be a little careless about private information. This feature automatically filters out information that shouldn’t be sent out online such as your credit card number and other confidential records. These can be caught in both files and emails to prevent them from being shared outside the organization.

  • Auditing and Logging

To protect against mysterious edits to documents or to see what eyes have seen a specific document, you can generate many different types of reports! You can view things such as users accessing specific folders or files and all sorts of information about login activity to check for any suspicious logins.

In conclusion, SharePoint lets us create a product that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office’s great security and document management features while giving us the freedom to create our own features. If you have any burning questions about SharePoint, SuiteFiles or anything in between, send us a message or contact us here!

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