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BGL launches integration with FuseSign

August 16, 2021

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BGL Corporate Solutions, Australia's leading supplier of SMSF administration, ASIC corporatecompliance and investment portfolio solutions, is proud to announce CAS 360, Simple Fund 360and Simple Invest 360 are now integrated with digital signing tool FuseSign by FuseWorks.

"It’s great to add FuseSign to the BGL Ecosystem" said Ron Lesh, BGL’s Managing Director.“FuseSign creates a seamless workflow for BGL clients so that all company, trust, individual andSMSF documents can be digitally signed, speeding up the compliance process and reducingsigning times to minutes rather than days for the price of a stamp.

Melissa Voss, Co-Founder and Head of Clients and Partners at FuseWorks, said: “We're thrilledwith this partnership and to be able to offer BGL clients with our Digital Signing tool straight fromtheir platform. I am passionate about automation and helping Accountants to simplify theday-to-day, removing inefficiencies through the power of automation so they can focus on morehuman tasks, and that is exactly what FuseSign does, it gives your clients a better experiencewith your brand, saves your business time and money, and it empowers your team to focus on tasks they really enjoy.”

Made for accountants by accountants, FuseSign is an affordable, intuitive and easy to useDigital Signature tool and can be used for all company, trust, individual and SMSF documentsprepared by CAS 360, Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360. Recent legislative changeshave now made it possible to sign more document types digitally than ever before. TheFuseSign process in BGL applications provides a seamless workflow for clients. And recentevaluations of digital signing solutions have proven documents are signed quicker, easier andwith much less friction when digital solutions are used.

BGL currently has over 350 partners in our Ecosystem and it is great to be able to addFuseSign to the list.

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