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Building Partnerships

Strong, meaningful partnerships drive Joiin’s next growth phase.

Whether collaborating with customers, app vendors supporting each other, or affiliate partners spreading the word, strong partnerships offer the keys to success.
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When I started at Joiin, we had quite a rudimentary, minimum-value product but tons of ambition to get more customers on board. Over the last few years, our product and customer base has grown exponentially, organically. But what excites me, as Joiin heads into the next growth phase, is how interconnected all our work has become.

For example, at Joiin, we continue to work alongside our customers to develop our product. At the same time, our collaborations with other app vendors feed into product development initiatives and help customers decide on the best tech stack for them; all the while, our expanding network of affiliates spreads the word, bringing in more customers and tech partners. And so this productivity loop continues.  

For readers currently building their businesses or supporting others in the process, the idea of work interconnecting isn’t going to break any new ground. However, a product-led approach may be a unique proposition for many. Being product-led and using this approach to drive growth means our entire company comes together to create a product that people want to buy and then stick with. It also guides our belief that we must continuously find new and different ways to engage with key people around our product and make all this work interconnect.

Let’s look at some examples.

Collaborating with customers

As mentioned above, our product-led strategy has at its core the belief that working in partnership with customers to develop our product is best.

If you decide to utilise our Joiin platform, you can expect to play your part in its development.

We often go direct to individual customers – and are not scared to do so – to discuss their product ideas, scope what’s required, and start the work. Rob and Tomek, two of our co-founders and directors, steer our product development roadmap alongside customer input.

We now collaborate better with our customers and implement their product requests more effectively, and it’s safe to say that our platform has grown in popularity as a direct result of this work.

Developing dashboard reporting with customers

For example, when we launched our product’s dashboard – which provides our customers with a highly visual one-page financial overview, meaning they can easily stay up to date with the metrics that matter most to them – we delivered against customer feedback that had explicitly asked for a dashboard view.

The dashboard was the first result of our outstanding product team coming together in our new office environment to build something exceptional.

A year or so on, following ongoing customer feedback, we’ve updated the dashboard. It is now wholly customisable: you can configure widgets using a variety of KPIs, chart types and filters and move and re-size these easily using drag and drop. And there’s more to come and deliver against, such as more outstanding sharing options, customisable KPIs, and even multiple dashboards.

Partnering with other app vendors

The common thread between Joiin and our app vendor partners is that our platforms integrate with cloud accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage.

We collaborate on projects that showcase how our apps work together seamlessly to increase business efficiency, improve finance processes and deliver an effective tech stack for accountants and business finance teams using such software.

At Joiin, we’re continuously pulling in new product features developed alongside our customers to showcase how they work. For us, we want to lead with our product, helping potential buyers see how easy it is to use and the possibilities it offers.

Partnering with ApprovalMax

For example, one of our partners is ApprovalMax – a clever app that creates robust financial controls for multi-entity organisations by automating the accounts payable process.

Alongside ApprovalMax, we collaborate on webinars, creating content together. The idea behind creating this joint content is to provide the potential buyers we have in common with ideas on making spending control and reporting at a group level effortless – saving these people time, effort and money for more valuable tasks.

The webinars are a great way to promote our consolidated financial reporting platform, how it integrates with other platforms, and the launch of new features.

On our website, you can find a new area that showcases our app vendor partners here:

Working with affiliates

As discussed above, we continuously develop our product into something people want to stick with, which incorporates their ideas, coupling this with content that helps them understand how it works and integrates with other apps. But how do you then spread the word further?

We recently decided to launch a new affiliate marketing programme with the affiliate management team at Reditus. Our first-ever affiliate programme will enable us to connect with and recruit more affiliates globally, spread the word more widely, and grow outside of our network.

For affiliates looking to build referrals with us, my message is that we’re a fully committed partner offering solid conversion rates and a desirable platform that is snowballing in growth.

That we collaborate with our customers on product development and partner with other app vendors to share helpful content means we now boast some impressive numbers, which you can see in the blue box on the opposite page.


• 96% of existing annual users renew every year, feeling confident to sign up again.

• Within an average of 7 minutes, first-time users get value from our platform, often in the form of a first off-the-shelf report.

• 94% of Joiin users onboard themselves without reaching out for support, as our product has such an intuitive user interface

• If you’re interested in joining our affiliate programme, you can find us on the Reditus website here:

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