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Chaser and Zapier: automate receivables and save time effortlessly

January 30, 2024

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Chaser now connects with Zapier so you can automate the transfer of data between Chaser and other systems, such as accounting software, ERPs, or online spreadsheets. Businesses can seamlessly transfer data via Zapier, between Chaser and their chosen system, to start managing their accounts receivables automatically and reducing bad debts.

Connect your chosen system to Chaser via Zapier to start managing your accounts receivables automatically, and never worry about late payments again.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an innovative online tool that connects your favorite apps and automates workflows, making it easier to manage tasks without needing technical skills. Essentially, it acts as a bridge between different software, enabling them to communicate and work together seamlessly. End-users can create custom workflows that use triggers from one platform to action a particular step in a second platform. For example, you could use Zapier to connect your website CMS to Gmail, and receive a Gmail notification whenever someone submits a form on your website.

Now, Chaser is one of the 6,000+ applications available to connect your systems to via Zapier. So you can automate the data transfer of crucial credit control information, such as new customers, new invoices, or payments made, directly from your chosen platform to Chaser.

Why connect Chaser to Zapier: Letting businesses reduce late payments automatically

Chaser built this connection to Zapier to open up the software to more businesses that are using different systems and tools across the globe. Following the release of ChaseImport, which allows data connection to Chaser via CSV, and ChaserAPI, which allows connection to Chaser via custom-built integrations, Zapier was the next step in ensuring any business can automate their credit management with Chaser.

By allowing businesses to connect their systems to Chaser via Zapier, they can now automate receivables tasks, sync data, and save time effortlessly - regardless of the systems they are using. Users can send polite, personalized reminders automatically and optimize their credit management with a suite of cutting-edge tools and insights.

Benefits of Chaser and Zapier

Automatically chase debtors with polite, personalized reminders

Businesses can reduce manual work by managing debtor chasing automatically, and protect all-important customer relationships by ensuring every reminder is polite, customized to their business's brand, and looks hand-typed.

Simplify and streamline the credit management workflow

Users can save time by managing all their receivables tasks in one place, from credit checking, to chasing, to collecting payments. With Zapier connected to Chaser, they can easily keep track of invoices, payments, and customer interactions and replies in one comprehensive, end-to-end system.

Improve receivables management and reduce late payments  

By using Zapier and Chaser, users will gain insights on customer behavior to help them optimize and tailor their approach for different customer groups, automatically. Chaser users have been able to enhance their receivables process and reduce days sales outstanding by 75%+.

How do Zapier and Chaser work together?  

Custom workflows can be built that allow you to connect your chosen ERP or accounting system to Chaser via Zapier. Data ‘triggers’ can be selected from your system (e.g. new customer, new invoice), which will result in specific actions that you choose within Chaser (e.g. add new customer, add new invoice).

For full details on how to set up the Chaser and Zapier connection, visit the Help center.

Chaser and Zapier

If you are ready to automate your receivables tasks, sync data, and save time effortlessly, start your free trial today to start using Chaser with Zapier. Or speak to a member of the Chaser team to find out more about how we can support you with your credit management, and help you reduce late payments.

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