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Deputy Launches Mobile-first, AI-powered End-to-End HR Solution for Hourly Workers

July 11, 2024

Deputy HR streamlines hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement for hourly workers, reducing application and onboarding times from hours to minutes.
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Deputy, the global people platform for hourly work, today announced the launch of Deputy HR, designed to streamline hiring, onboarding, document management, and employee engagement for hourly workers and their employers across the United States.

The hourly work sector is poised for substantial growth, with projections indicating an increase of approximately 1,677,100 jobs by 2032, according to Deputy’s latest ‘The Big Shift’ report. While knowledge workers benefit from cutting-edge technologies, hourly workers often lack similar advancements. Deputy HR addresses this gap with four integrated programs: Hire, Onboarding, Documents, and Engagement.

Simplifying the Hiring Process

Deputy’s hiring solution mitigates the challenge of finding suitable candidates for open roles. Tailored for HR professionals, this comprehensive toolset streamlines hiring. Deepesh Banerji, Deputy Chief Product Officer, says, “Approximately 80% of the global workforce (2.7 billion people) are employed with irregular or rotating hours — and many of these people are in community-facing roles. With such a sizable portion of our workforce participating in the hourly work economy, the need for an end-to-end platform designed to connect job seekers with suitable roles was significant. The launch of Deputy HR is the next step in enhancing the overall hiring, recruitment, and onboarding experience for both business owners and workers.”

Deputy HR is specifically designed to address the needs of the hourly workforce and offers the unique combination of:

  • Video-based Applicant Tracking System (screen candidates by their personality, not their resume, and communicate with candidates over text, the way they prefer to communicate!).
  • Lightning-fast new hire onboarding (effortlessly collect signatures, bank details, state and federal level forms, so new hires can start working in hours and get paid immediately after.
  • Centralised Document Management digitally store and automatically surface expired documents like “responsible serving of alcohol licenses” or “working with children checks,” depending on the industry.
  • Employee Engagement with Shift Pulse+, providing real-time continuous employee feedback. Customize your questions, your audience, and your cadence.

Efficient Onboarding and Retention

Deputy HR simplifies the onboarding process with a centralized hub for tasks, including employee training. Customizable checklists and automated workflows reduce onboarding time by 30-45 minutes per hire, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience.

“With Deputy HR, both recruitment and onboarding are now seamless processes by providing time-savings and more quality candidates to the business. Deputy’s QR code allows for more people who are actually interested in working for the brand to apply to open positions, so we’re finding more qualified candidates overall. The video functionality allows us to get a better sense of the candidate, who they are, and how they will present themselves at work, which is critical in the hospitality industry. This feature also cuts back on countless hours previously wasted by blindly screening candidates through phone calls,” said Christopher Duong, Duo Duo General Manager.

Stay Compliant with Intelligent Document Management

Deputy’s document management feature centralizes the request, tracking, and management of employee documents. This holistic approach improves job mobility, acting as a ‘portable passport’ for shift workers. Businesses can securely store and retrieve important documents, such as contracts, certifications, and performance reviews, with advanced search and filtering options.

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Deputy Engagement helps employers track workforce engagement and identify challenges before they lead to turnover. Shift Pulse +, an enhanced feature, allows employers to collect continuous feedback, configure its frequency, and create custom questions, labels, and emojis. These insights enable business leaders to make necessary changes, boosting employee engagement and retention.

To learn more about Deputy HR, visit Deputy HR.

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