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Dext is releasing an end-to-end MTD ITSA solution for accountants and bookkeepers.

November 29, 2022

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On December 5 2022, the first release will be available to existing Dext Prepare customers as part of the Dext Prepare product. In early 2023, we will make the MTD ITSA solution available to the wider market. Dext’s solution will include the option to submit directly to HMRC on behalf of self-employed and landlord clients.

Dext has always strived to deliver a suite of bookkeeping efficiency tools that allows accountants and bookkeepers to manage the demands of modern-day accounting. Now, as we approach a landmark moment in HMRC legislation, Dext is determined to continue that promise by supporting firms (and their clients) with a best-in-class product for MTD ITSA.

From 5 December, Dext’s MTD ITSA solution will be available to all existing Dext Prepare customers in the Dext product. Those that aren’t a Dext Prepare customer can register their interest for the full release in early 2023, by clicking here. The functionality builds on the same award-winning accuracy, extraction and categorisation customers already know and trust Dext to deliver.

Details on Dext Prepare for MTD ITSA:

  • A robust tool that builds on Dext Prepare’s award-winning functionality: Building on the same accurate extraction and categorisation tools, accountants and bookkeepers can trust Dext to provide a solution that works for clients of all shapes and sizes
  • Flexible functionalities that fit your current way of working: Dext’s solution slots seamlessly into the systems firms and their clients already use allowing them to meet new obligations without having to make wholesale changes
  • End-to-end functionality: From extraction and categorisation, to review and HMRC updates, Dext is your first and last touch point for all things MTD ITSA
  • Support and user experience: Dext provides world class user-experience for firms and their clients, with hands-on onboarding and ongoing training and support

Technical features (First release December 5):  

  • Create a single list of MTD ITSA taxpayer clients
  • Use source documents, bank feeds and statements to build digital records
  • Review and export quarterly in both detailed and summary total form

Full release (2023):

  • Detailed hyperconnected innovations in and around the HMRC API – ensuring
    visibility, efficiency and flexibility for firms and their clients

“We know that accountants and bookkeepers face a significant change in how they manage and support self-employed and landlord clients,” said Sabby Gill, CEO of Dext. “We also know that our existing Prepare product was ideally placed to provide the best possible solution for both our accountant and bookkeeper partners, and their clients. To help those partners, we’re determined to empower them with a product they already know and love that’s been adapted for MTD ITSA.”
Vice President of Accounting Strategy at Dext, Paul Lodder, added: “MTD for ITSA is a real challenge for nearly all firms. We wanted to create a tool that firms can configure to their processes as well as their clients – without having to reinvent the way they work or the systems from which they do so.”

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