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February 22, 2024

Why we’re launching an invoice capture tool so simple even the busiest business owner will want to use it.

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Invoices are the bones of business. They represent tomatoes, tools, and till rolls — the stuff that makes your clients’ business run. But capturing them — the seemingly simple act of getting from paperwork to payments — can be maddeningly slow, fiddly, and expensive.

Why? Up to now, invoice capture tools have been designed for finance professionals — not the multi-tasking entrepreneurs at the pointy end of the payments process.

We’re talking about plumbers dashing to flooded kitchens; caterers hustling to fulfil last-minute orders; makeup artists darting between bookings.

People like them aren’t going to sit down and spend hours lovingly smoothing out and scanning receipts. And they’re not going to do battle with software that looks like it was built in the 90s.

The result: a working relationship that doesn’t work. Instead of helping your clients build their business, you spend your time on detective work (but duller). Constantly snagged by missing documents, sifting through emails, and chasing your clients like a needy ex.

Up to now, invoice capture tools haven’t been designed for the multi-tasking entrepreneurs at the pointy end of the payments process

Which is exactly what we’re out to change. We know that for accountants and bookkeepers, the client relationship is crucial to business success. And it needs tools that work for it, not against it. That’s why we’ve created Apron Capture.

No more playing chase with clients

We’ve designed Apron Capture with a business-first mindset. Meaning it makes the whole invoice capture process friction-free. Because the truth is, your clients aren’t sitting around wondering ‘how can I make my accountant’s job more boring?’; they’re thinking ‘I’ve got staff off sick and a broken freezer’. They simply don’t have the time or the headspace for clunky processes, and any pain points become moments they’re liable to give up. Which leads to document gaps, which leads to you needing to follow up, which leads to games of chase where everybody loses. We’ve made Apron Capture so straightforward, even the busiest business owners will want to use it. So you can stop chasing your clients in circles, and start pushing them forwards.

Your clients aren’t sitting around wondering “how can I make my accountant’s job more boring?”; they’re thinking “I’ve got staff off sick and a broken freezer”

All things payments in one place

We’ve deliberately designed Apron Capture to work on its own. But it’s also part of a bigger Apron vision to change the way businesses pay for things — end to end. We want to give accountants and business owners a one-stop-shop for all things payments, cutting out the pointless admin and paper-chasing that’s still slowing them down. When you pair Capture with the rest of Apron, it’s not just Step One that speeds up. It makes the whole journey from payment request to ‘payment complete’ as short and painless as possible. Freeing you and your clients up to think bigger.

Get early access

We’ve already started granting early access to some of our nearest and dearest finance pro friends. We’re still putting the finishing touches on our new tool, but we can’t wait to share it with the world. To be first in line to try it out, apply now.

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