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Feature of the month: Chaser Collections

April 5, 2022

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Stop accepting late payments and writing off bad debt as just another part of doing business.

Chaser Collections is a no-win, no-fee debt collection service that is available to all Chaser users.

Chaser's experienced debt collectors will get your most difficult invoices paid, whilst maintaining those important customer relationships you've spent time and effort building up.

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Product news

Attach your invoice PDF to chasing emails (new for Microsoft Dynamics, FreeAgent and Freshbooks users)

Microsoft Dynamics, FreeAgent and Freshbooks users can now attach their invoice PDFs to chasing emails. These will also be available to download within Chaser when viewing the invoice.

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How Huttie Group recovered £15,000 of old debt

Chaser's debt collections service has been a game-changer for Huttie Group. Read this case study to learn how Chaser Collections have helped Huttie Group recover £15,000 of old debt and get in contact with customers who previously ignored their payment reminders.

“Of all the invoices we have put through to Chaser Collections, more than 90% have received a response, and more than 80% of the invoices have already been paid. And, we have never had a complaint from a customer since using Chaser Collections, everything is out in the open and handled very nicely. The emails sent from the debt collectors look like something we could write ourselves”
- Tom Hays, Head of Finance at Huttie Group

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