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Firmcheck Set to Transform UK's Accounting Landscape with Advanced AML Solutions

September 4, 2023

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Firmcheck, a leading innovator in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software, is excited to unveil its imminent launch in the UK market this coming September. Designed specifically for accountants, Firmcheck's comprehensive AML solution is set to revolutionise the way accounting firms manage AML compliance across the entire client lifecycle.

In conjunction with this exciting launch, Firmcheck is proud to announce the appointment of Kevin Lord as General Manager of Firmcheck’s UK operation.. With a wealth of experience in the financial technology sector, Kevin will play a pivotal role in driving Firmcheck's growth and success in the UK.

A Comprehensive AML Solution for Accountants

Firmcheck's AML software offers a robust and integrated workflow that covers everything from client onboarding to ongoing AML checks, including ID verification, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), and Sanctions checks. With features such as biometric integration, UK Companies House (UKCH) connection, and best practice AML training, Firmcheck provides a seamless and user-friendly experience.

"Firmcheck is committed to helping accounting firms meet their AML obligations with confidence," said Kevin Lord, newly appointed General Manager of Firmcheck in the UK. "Our platform is designed to streamline, scale, and simplify AML processes, ensuring compliance and efficiency."

Backed by Industry Leaders

Firmcheck's launch in the UK is further bolstered by the support of big-name investors, including Hamish Edwards, who co-founded Xero over 10 years ago. Edwards, the accountant who inspired Xero's early design and innovation, sees tremendous potential in Firmcheck's offering.

"Having been at the forefront of accounting technology innovation, I recognize the value and necessity of Firmcheck's solution," said Edwards. "Their approach to AML compliance aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of the accounting industry, and I'm excited to support their growth in the UK market."

Join the Waitlist

Accounting firms interested in becoming early adopters of Firmcheck's AML software are invited to join the waitlist. With its comprehensive features and market-leading training, Firmcheck offers a compliant and efficient way to manage AML at your firm.

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