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How Arjay Consulting improved client relationships with AP automation & credit with Mimo

Consolidating the payments tool stack

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Rob is a Chartered Accountant and runs Arjay Consulting, a Fractional FD practice serving growing FMCG brands.

How did you get started?

Rob embarked on his professional journey in the Big Four, building his expertise and experience at firms such as EY and KPMG, where he specialized in Audit and Mergers & Acquisitions.

The trajectory of his career took a pivotal turn when he began assisting friends who were building companies in the food and beverage sector. They required assistance in developing financial models and strategizing financially, areas where Rob's experience and insight proved valuable.

His ability to simplify complex financial concepts for growing businesses led to an increasing demand for his services. Consequently, Rob assumed the role of a Fractional Finance Director, catering to companies poised on the brink of growth yet not in a position to employ a full-time finance expert.

The fractional FD position has enabled him to significantly contribute to the trajectory of these companies.

However, when serving his clients, Rob kept spending time across tools to manage Accounts Payable, FX, credit and cash flow.

Rob most enjoys spending his time with clients. In this case, non-alcoholic beer brand Day's Brewing.

Why Mimo?

Mimo stood out as a relevant tool for Rob, providing a single interface to manage payments and cash flow on behalf of clients.

Mimo's capacity to manage supplier payments across multiple currencies in a single process simplified accounts payable processes, removing the need for managing various banking relationships and minimizing transaction costs.

The platform's feature of offering credit on supplier invoices was a game-changer, providing growing businesses the ability to bridge the cash flow gaps. This capability provided additional ability to grow, and Rob to act as a strategic advisor.

Furthermore, the seamless integration with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks streamlined the reconciliation process, enhancing financial record accuracy and efficiency.

This not only saved time but also offered Rob and his clients clear, actionable financial insights, facilitating better strategic decisions.

By adopting Mimo, Rob was able to build deeper relationships with his clients. Efficient Accounts Payable & Payroll is a great value add at zero marginal cost, and cash flow management & credit allowed him to act as strategic advisor.

The impact

By implementing Mimo, Rob has been able to save five hours per week on pay runs across his portfolio, significantly streamlining his workflow.

This efficiency is achieved through the use of a single tool to manage payments, consolidating what previously required three separate tools.

“I build deeper relationships with my clients using Mimo. Efficient accounts payable & payroll is a great value add at zero marginal cost, and cash flow management & credit allows me to add strategic value.”

As a result, Rob now has more time to spend with client employees, which is his preferred activity, allowing him to foster stronger relationships and provide better support.

Now, he's hiring to grow his practice and build on its success to date.

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