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How to build the right app stack for your construction client

Selecting the right app stack for you and your client’s can be a game-changer, but where do you start?

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With a plethora of apps available at your fingertips, it is easier than ever to automate repetitive tasks, enhance collaboration, and gain valuable insights in the ‘NextMinute’. But with so many options out there, how do you choose apps that caters to your clients unique needs?

In this article, we’ll dive into the key factors you should consider when reviewing an app for your construction clients… or any client for that matter.

Where to start?

You could do a google search, but I guarantee, it will lead you down a rabbit hole.

A different starting point is the Xero App store, starting here will also help tick off some of the items we mention later in the article.

What to Consider?

Hopefully from your initial search, you have found a handful of apps that look good on the surface, so now it’s time to get granular.


Firstly, consider your client’s industry. The Xero App store categorises apps by industries, such as Trade & Construction, allowing you to look at apps that are purpose-built.

We know from the latest Xero’s Money Matters report that the Trade & Construction industry is the least likely to adopt new technologies. Looking at software that was built for the industry will help reduce the resistance by addressing specific requirements like usability, industry regulations and jargon.

Additionally, Trade & Construction is quite a broad industry, you should consider its sub-sectors. For example, plumbers who do maintenance on rental properties have very different requirements than plumbers who do rough-ins on new homes. Feel welcome to question this with the app provider when reviewing, most will have a clear view of their Ideal Client Profile.

Features & Integrations

Next up, it’s crucial to identify your clients must-have feature requirements.

Not everyone knows what they want, so instead of asking “what do you want?”, you might find it more effective to ask “what are the problems you need to fix?”

By proactively identifying issues, you can focus on finding the solutions, empowering you to provide the best software that aligns with your clients needs.

Data flow between different applications is crucial! Choosing software that integrates seamlessly with your current app stack will streamline your workflows. This will save you valuable time, reduce double-handling and risk of error and increase productivity between different stakeholders.

Integration of NextMinute and Xero, gives you all the benefits listed above, plus it will reduce the time your client spends in the Xero file.

If you started your app search in the Xero App store, then you have already ticked this box.

Support & Training

Imagine this: you’re knee-deep in your accounting tasks, and a client calls you with an app question, disrupting your day and potentially other clients deliverables.

Having an app with a rock-solid support system allows you to redirect the client to the app provider. Not only will this free up your time, your client will receive the best practice advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

Timely and effective support is like having a superhero sidekick swooping in to save the day. They’ll help you troubleshoot problems, resolve issues ASAP, and make sure you’re back on track without missing a beat. That means less stress, fewer headaches, and minimal disruption.

Look for providers who offer multiple reliable and accessible support channels, like good old phone calls, email support, or even live chat.


Pricing should not be another monthly expense, you should be investing to make the future brighter. Take a moment to calculate the potential return on investment from the software by considering the tangible benefits like time saved, improved efficiency, fewer errors, happier clients, better business insights or even increased profit. Put a value on these goodies and compare them to the overall cost of the software to help you gauge whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

Every software has a slightly different pricing structure, most common is a per month price. At NextMinute, we charge for the number of active users per month, and we have no hidden or additional fee’s.

For other providers, the monthly subscription may be the minimum you pay, be cautious of any hidden or additional costs. Ask questions about the price for set-up support, training, or add-ons & upgrades.

It’s all about finding the one that aligns with your business’s plans, look for a pricing structure that gives you room to grow without the surprises.

Review & Recommendations

Reviews are treasure troves of knowledge! They give you the real scoop from actual users who’ve rolled up their sleeves and dived into the software. You are tapping into a community who can spill the beans on the software’s strengths & weaknesses, then give an unbiased review of their overall satisfaction. These insights are gold when it comes to making a smart decision about whether the software is a match for your unique needs and requirements.

Again, if you started your search in the Xero App store, you will have already seen the star ratings given by other users and the comments to go along with each rating. Other places to check for reviews are Google and Facebook, or look on their website for Case Studies.

All of the above are rough guidelines to help you get started, if you are seriously considering a new app for your construction clients app stack, you can download our Software Comparison Matrix for a full list of questions & considerations.

Why leave it there?

To download our Software Comparison Matrix

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