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Improve client onboarding and management using tech

It’s impossible to work in a silo when you’re working with clients or colleagues. Fostering communication and community in a digital workforce can at times be challenging. Working with people who are abroad, in different offices, at home or outsourced means we have to be more deliberate in how we share and request information. It’s difficult to catch someone for a quick chat across the desks when their desk is 100miles away. It’s why we created SuiteFiles Connect, to make it easy to share, sign and message colleagues and clients about anything you might be working together on…
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SuiteFiles Connect is our newest feature, and it’s designed to make communications clear and save time in the process by attaching tasks and messages to the document, email or request that they’re associated with. It will allow you to share, sign, approve and review documents and emails with your clients or colleagues.

It removes the need to share via email, and makes it easy for clients to get access to their documents, as well as to the tasks that you need them to do. Clients can sign in easily with their Google, Xero or preferred credentials so everyone can access this platform without hassle. Connect is SuiteFiles first step to streamlining communication in the workplace.

We wanted to go through some of the ways you can use SuiteFiles Connect to make working with clients simple, consistent and fast for all involved!

Sharing End of Year Documentation

Especially for clients who have a number of entities, sharing their end of year document packs with them can result in 100s of documents needing to be sent. Instead of doing this through a number of systems that are bolted together, Use SuiteFiles Connect to drop them all into a single collaborative folder, which you can then share with client. They can see all financial statements for all of their entities, trusts and individuals in a single place. You don’t have to set an expiry date on this content (although you can if you want to), so they’ll always have access to these important documents in a space that is completely secure. They don’t need to download these documents if they don’t want to, they can keep them secure by logging into Connect to access them instead.

Onboarding Clients

Inevitably, onboarding clients requires a huge amount of documentation. So instead of trying to communicate through email, use SuiteFiles Connect to create a ‘task list’ that clients coming on board need to complete. They can upload the key financial information needed, sign contracts, review your policies and procedures and approve specific documents in one place. They can also complete a questionnaire about their goals. By making this process easily repeatable, we save ourselves time and also make it easier for the client. Clients are most likely to churn in the first 3 months of a new relationship. By starting with Connect and a process that will continue to be used throughout their engagement with you, clients know exactly what to expect in regards to how we communicate and the processes we’ll follow along the way. It also makes the process easier for them!

Signing of key documents

Digital signing isn’t new, but SuiteFiles Connect means that documents being signed stay within your document management system. The client receives them securely through Connect and can sign anything you send in 3 clicks. Once it’s been signed, the completed version is instantly uploaded to the relevant folder in our SuiteFiles site. The client also has access to anything they’ve signed for us in SuiteFiles Connect by clicking on the signed tab.  Signatures can be made even more secure by enabling Two Factor Authentication.

Regular task requests

There is a huge number of things you request from clients that need to be done every month, or every quarter, or annually. You can use SuiteFiles Connect to request these tasks at these intervals, so that the process is consistent and our clients know what to expect.

This means you can request any documents you need from them, as well as any edits you might need on documents. You can get clients to review and approve what’s been prepared, and then set it up for them to sign, all through the same task list. Once it’s completed, You can send them a final task to review output, or simply place the completed work in a collaborative folder that they’ve got access to, so that they can see everything and access it without having to email you and ask for a copy!

At SuiteFiles we’re continually looking for ways to streamline the way we work with our clients and our internal team. Each of these features are available through Connect on our Super Suite plan.

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