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In the News: 5 key features you’ll love about MyTrucking

October 9, 2023

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MyTrucking is packed with time-saving tools and features to streamline your business and grow your bottom line. We were designed by truckers for truckers, so we’ve got you covered from job management through to your invoicing programme.

MyTrucking is the job management programme for small to medium transport operators, which is changing the lives of 650 plus transport companies across Australia and New Zealand.


“We are truck drivers, keep it simple”, was the brief Sam and Sara got nine years ago when they wanted to help out some mates. And they delivered. Everything about MyTrucking is simple, intuitive, clever (but not complex) and reduces everything to its essence. Why? Truck drivers and transport operators are busy people. By making our transport management system as simple as we can, we save you time (and the odd headache or two).

Driver mobile app

Our Mobile App lets drivers record information at the touch of a button, whatever the location. It’s easy to set up, works on Apple and Android devices and the best bit? It keeps working when drivers are out of network range and will auto-sync when connectivity is back up and running.

Custom reports

No one business is the same, so your reporting shouldn’t have to be either. It’s a new concept for many small businesses but a bit like the discovery of mince and cheese together in a pie, you’ll never look back. Paper-based systems make it impossible to report on customers, jobs or vehicles easily. MyTrucking allows you to create your own custom reports, reuse them over, and over again to make crunching the numbers a bit easier.

Customer portal

This feature makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. Win-win all around! They can enter jobs for you which means you never miss or lose a job, and you save time on data entry all while retaining full control of your workflow – you can choose who gets Customer Portal and who doesn’t, and you have full control over which jobs you accept or decline.

Integrated invoicing

Make your accountant the happiest person alive with our full integration with Xero and MYOB. Integrated invoicing means your jobs flow through to your accounts system seamlessly. Job information is captured automatically, error rates are reduced, it’s blisteringly quick and of course, easy.

Over 200 Australian transport operators have joined the MyTrucking family to date. And for good reason.

Check out the 5 key features of MyTrucking

Enjoy a two-week free trial and see how MyTrucking can help your business.

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