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Introducing Call recording: How and why to record debtor phone calls

March 19, 2024

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You can now record your debtor phone calls in Chaser. Easily keep track of payment conversations with your customers and ensure you never forget a detail again.

With Call recording functionality, you can record and playback phone calls in Chaser to easily check promised payment dates, timelines, and ensure a consistent approach to your debtor phone calls.

Chaser has released Call recording functionality which lets users record phone calls made in-app automatically, and easily playback conversations to review key details.

In January, Chaser released in-app calls; allowing users to phone their debtors directly from within the Chaser software. Now, these phone calls can be recorded and stored automatically within the Chaser software. Thanks to recorded, in-app calls, Chaser users can benefit from a seamless debtor-chasing process that can be managed and logged comprehensively on one system.

The benefits of recording your debtor phone calls

Save time

61% of businesses say debtor phone calls are a staple in their debtor-chasing process. However, these phone calls take time, and recent studies show businesses in the USA spend over 14 hours every week on manual tasks when chasing debtors. Now, businesses can reduce time spent on manual tasks by recording their debtor calls. No more scribbling notes during calls: every detail is recorded automatically in Chaser so you can minimize manual note-taking and avoid forgetting important details.

Hold debtors accountable

By tracking your telephone communications about invoices and payments, you will always have a recorded log of promises and payment dates that are agreed on calls, so you can hold debtors accountable more easily.

Resolve disputes

Navigate invoice disputes with ease by accessing recorded conversations, agreements, and payment terms discussed via phone call. Armed with detailed records, you can resolve disagreements swiftly and with greater clarity, fostering positive relationships with debtors. For example, in a contractual dispute, a recorded call can serve as proof of the terms agreed upon, helping to expedite resolution without escalating the matter.

Ensure a consistent approach

Achieve greater transparency and consistency in debtor communication across your team. Evaluate call quality, enforce policies, and maintain professionalism effortlessly with recorded conversations as your guide. For example, when onboarding new finance team members, particular call recordings can be used as examples of best practice approaches to handling debtor phone calls.

Protect your business legally

Securely capture comprehensive records of debtor conversations. With detailed evidence readily available, you can confidently pursue legal actions against debtors when necessary. For instance, in a regulatory audit, having access to recorded calls can demonstrate adherence to compliance standards and mitigate legal risks.

How to record a debtor call in Chaser

Placing and recording calls in Chaser is simple, just follow the five steps below. Please follow ethical and legal guidelines when utilizing the Call recording feature to ensure a respectful and compliant communication process. Learn more in the Help Center.

  1. Log in to your Chaser account or start a free trial
  2. Go to 'Receivables', and select the customer you would like to call
  3. Click on the customer's phone number to place a call
  4. Once your call has started, click 'Start recording' on the call banner at the bottom of your screen
  5. Click 'stop recording' when your call is finalized


See full details on how to set up Call recording in Chaser in the phone call Help Center article.

Keep track of your debtor phone calls in Chaser

The release of Call recording comes as part of a suite of tools designed to help business with one of the most time-consuming parts of credit management; debtor phone calls. In-app calls were released allowing users to phone debtors directly within Chaser, Auto-call was released allowing users to automate and schedule pre-scripted payment reminder phone calls to debtors. Now, users can also record and store their debtor calls in Chaser.

Call recording is another step forward in simplifying debtor communications for SMEs. By enabling effortless tracking and playback of payment conversations, it ensures you stay on top of crucial details without the hassle of manual note-taking. Ready to improve your debtor management process? Try Chaser for free for 10 days.

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