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Introducing Divisional Reporting with the Syft Connector

September 14, 2023

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If you've enjoyed using the Google Sheets and Excel Connector, but have felt frustrated by not being able to build divisional reports, then we have good news for you. The latest feature to join our Connector family is divisional reporting, now available as an option for the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Ledgers. This means you can easily keep track of separate divisions within your business and compare them side by side.

The Connector just keeps getting better

The Connector is a powerful add-on designed to enhance your Syft experience while seamlessly integrating with your favorite spreadsheet tools, Google Sheets and Excel. Now, you can dive into the world of divisional reporting and supercharge your financial analysis.

With this new addition, you can run Divisional Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, or Ledgers in Excel or Google Sheets and gain insights into the financial performance of individual divisions within your entity.

What's more, you can easily compare and contrast the financial data of different divisions, enabling smarter decision-making. And you can:

  • Select specific date ranges, years, and months to focus your analysis precisely where you need it.
  • Click on any number in the report to drill down into a detailed breakdown of the data.
  • Adjust the report layout to suit your preferences and reporting needs.
  • Compare current data to prior periods, forecasts, or budgets to assess your division's performance over time.
  • Pivot your data effortlessly by clicking on the pivot icon next to "Divisions," providing a dynamic view of your financial information.

How does it work?

Click on the Syft tab in Excel or Google Sheets and insert a P&L, Balance Sheet, or Ledger. Then, under the column titled "Report", you will see it says "Standard". If you click on the dropdown arrow next to "Standard", you'll have the following options:

  • Standard;
  • Multi-Period;
  • Multi-Entity;
  • Divisional; and
  • Buil P&L (or Build BS).

Simply select the relevant report type and you are good to go!

Pro tip 💡: If you are unfamiliar with Build P&L, this is a custom-built P&L with a ton of flexibility. You can read all about it here.

Closing thoughts ☁️

With the Connector's divisional reporting feature, you can break down your financial data into meaningful segments and gain a clearer picture of your business's performance. Don't miss out on this exciting update – start using the Connector's divisional reporting today!

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