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Introducing Go1 AI: Make All Learning Relevant and Personalized

February 8, 2024

We're thrilled to announce Go1 AI, a new suite of AI-powered features and tools that transform the way L&D admins get their work done.

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In today's diverse work environment, learning and development teams face the challenging task of curating content that addresses skill gaps and aligns with organizational business goals. With fluctuating skill requirements across different teams and departments, as well as ever-changing business goals and objectives, the task of building a versatile, adaptable workforce through skill development has become increasingly complex and multifaceted.

Existing tools used by L&D teams often fall short of meeting employee needs for scalable and personalized learning programs. Navigating through these tools and features feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, compelling admins to resort to manual workflows. This results in countless hours and days spent on the painstaking task of identifying and preparing high-quality, relevant learning for learners. All the time spent on such repetitive work eventually detracts from some of the more strategic aspects of their jobs that link back to business goals.

That’s why today we are thrilled to announce Go1 AI, a new suite of AI-powered features and tools that transform the way L&D admins get their work done. With Go1 AI, admins can turbocharge content discovery, curation and selection, and delegate their most mundane tasks, exponentially increasing productivity and efficiency.

For some of the more strategic L&D initiatives – whether it's demonstrating high-quality content, providing region-specific training for a global workforce, fostering self-directed learning, or implementing organization-wide skill-based learning – think of Go1 AI as your intuitive colleague. It not only lays the foundation but also expedites your progress.

Here’s how it works:

Discover relevant skill-based content, instantly

Finding relevant content starts with core search functionality. This typically involves traditional keyword-based search technology that focuses on specific words or phrases. However, they often fail to grasp the broader context and sentiment, leading to a tedious process of many steps to uncover content and verify associated skills.

Now, with AI-Enhanced Search, admins can go beyond matching keywords to receive more contextually relevant results and skills. As they search for content, Go1 AI immediately understands the underlying intent, adds suggestions, and surfaces the best-matched skill recommendations and content by mapping out the entire Go1 library, in seconds.

Alternatively, admins can go to our new AI Chat interface to select skills, receive content recommendations aligned with their unique needs, and start building a series of courses to directly import into a playlist or sync to their library, all within a streamlined workflow.


Make faster, better-informed decisions

Sampling results before enrolling or assigning content is a standard practice for admins to be confident that they're delivering the best learning for their employees. Before the time of AI, admins were compelled to go through every single course and dedicate endless hours of manual work to validate quality and relevance.

Now, admins can quickly evaluate if a course meets their needs by previewing learning outcomes, course summaries, skills covered, and course ratings, and compare similar results with other relevant content across providers and formats.

Sampling Preview GIF

Stitch together content into personalized playlists, effortlessly

If you want to organize, structure, and sequence content into personalized learning paths, Go1 makes the process significantly easier. Previously, this involved only relying on human intervention and guidance by Go1 Content Consultants to curate learning playlists.

With Go1 AI, L&D admins can soon generate new playlists based on their unique goals and parameters from scratch, with no human wait time. Instead of browsing the entire catalog and manually creating playlists, Go1 AI will curate highly relevant and personalized learning, in seconds, helping admins get a head start.


Built on the world’s largest and richest learning content dataset

We've quietly utilized the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI to facilitate better decision-making behind the scenes — improving content classification and tagging, developing a skills taxonomy, breaking down learning concepts into relevant skills and content suggestions, enhancing content metadata, etc.

Now, with AI at the forefront of the admin experience, we’re enabling L&D teams to streamline how they search for skill-based content, receive recommendations, compare relevant courses with quality signals, curate tailored playlists, and gain insight into content retirements — all within a single product.

By leveraging unparalleled content intelligence from 130,000 learning courses and 250 content providers in 10+ formats and 48 languages, Go1 AI stands out for its ability to surface the right content for every employee. We believe that this level of granularity and consolidation will empower L&D admins and leaders to make more informed decisions and deliver personalized learning programs like never before.

We’re just getting started

We are just at the beginning of our AI journey at Go1, and we see limitless potential in how AI can shape the future of skill-building and learning. Over the coming months, we will continue deepening our content intelligence, improving our core discovery and curation tools, and adding new AI-powered capabilities, for best-in-class content to learner matching. Go1 AI is available to customers on a rolling basis, starting today.

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