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Introducing Knowledge Center Feedback Forms

July 28, 2022

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Feedback is an integral part of how Syft operates. We function as a continuous loop of receiving feedback, responding to feedback, and receiving further feedback. Sometimes, it can be difficult to hear that not everything works perfectly. However, we are always determined to make our product better and make your experience smoother.

All about the feedback forms 📝

One of the areas in which we've been improving Syft since the beginning of the year has been the development of the new and improved Knowledge Center. Our design team redesigned the Knowledge Center so that it's much easier to navigate and we've been hard at work updating articles and adding new articles so that you have answers to all your Syft-related questions, with articles ranging from what to do if you forget your password to intricate guides on consolidations, the new Excel Connector, and Audit Cleanup. If it's a Syft feature, there's an article on it.

This week, we added an email field to our Knowledge Center feedback form so that we can respond to your feedback more efficiently. At the bottom of each article, you'll see we ask the question: "Did this article help?" If you find that the article was not helpful, you can say "No". A dialogue box will then appear for you to let us know what you are struggling with and you can insert your email address so we can answer your concern personally.

Moving beyond developer blindspots 🔎

Feedback is essential to software development. Everyone has blindspots and, as software developers, we may not conceive of every possible use of the features we develop. Inevitably, there will be users who use Syft features in ways we never considered and we are keen to learn from that and find ways to better facilitate how you want to use our software.

So, if you have any queries that aren't covered by our help articles, please let us know. With your help we can improve the quality of our offering, identify potential issues, improve your satisfaction and the satisfaction of other users, and make better product decisions further down the line.

Fixes ❤️‍🩹

In response to your feedback, we have fixed up features that were misbehaving. Some of the fixes deployed in the past week include the following:

  • PDFs on entity specific pages now download correctly and do not show any blanks; and
  • The line graph download for customer and product metrics report now works as expected.

That's all from me for today. I hope you'll find the Knowledge Center useful and that you will make use of the feedback box when needed.

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