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Introducing the Beyond Finance Awards, celebrating spend management together

July 9, 2024

We’re proud to launch our very first Beyond Finance Awards, designed to showcase the leading businesses, bookkeepers, accountants, and consultants in the Pleo community across Europe.
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The face of finance is ever-evolving. For too long, finance teams have worked in the background to keep businesses ticking over every month, with others thinking they’re just tinkering with spreadsheets and numbers. But, finance leaders are fast becoming essential partners to the CEO, providing data and insights that form the basis of future business strategy.

Now more than ever, finance teams everywhere are embracing technology to drive efficiency and reduce overall costs.  With over 30,000 customers and 1,000 partners around Europe, we’re lucky enough to work alongside and support businesses of all shapes and sizes from varying industries.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the Beyond Finance Awards, celebrating these industry leaders.

What are the Beyond Finance Awards?

We’re proud to launch our very first Beyond Finance Awards, designed to showcase the leading businesses, bookkeepers, accountants, and consultants in the Pleo community across Europe.

We’ll be celebrating these awards at this year’s Beyond event happening in London in November.

What are the awards categories?

In total, we have 10 awards up for grabs. Each of these awards celebrate the best in finance, whether they’re well-seasoned in the industry or new to the game.

And we’re not just celebrating the individuals. More often than not, it takes a village to make the books add up, that’s why we have awards specially celebrating both teams and businesses.

Let’s dive into each award.

The forward-thinking finance leader

The winner of this award time and time again proves their ability to lead with inspiration and resilience, all while anticipating  future trends and opportunities.

Finance team of the year

This award l recognises a team that not only excels in technical expertise, but also relationship management, cross-functional collaboration, and adaptability.

Success at scale

This award goes to the finance team that has proven its ability to scale successfully while managing its finances across entities through one account using Pleo.

Trailblazer of the year

This goes to the rising star in finance who has made their mark in the last year. New to the game, this person shows exceptional proficiency and innovation in their role.

Partner in accounting or consulting

The winner of this award will have demonstrated strong growth in the number of clients onboarded to Pleo this year as well as paying users.

Integration partner of the year

We're celebrating a partner who demonstrates continued dedication to our solution and provides an exceptional experience for our shared customers.

Partner ambassador of the year

This award goes to a Pleo Partner, who at an individual level, has consistently introduced their clients to our platform.

Excellence in efficiency

The winner of this award has saved time and money with Pleo. Whether by freeing up time for teams to focus on the important work or cutting costs.

Power to the people

There's no business without people. This award identifies the company that  commits to empowering its people to work smarter, not harder.

People’s choice award

We’re giving special recognition to someone who has provided significant inspiration in the industry. This person is celebrated for their ability to motivate others towards common goals and will be chosen at the Beyond event in London in October.

We need your nominations

Recognising today and tomorrow’s industry experts in finance across 10 categories is thirsty business, that’s why we need your help.

For each category, we’re asking for your nominations of who you think (or which business or team) deserves the title. To make your nomination, just head to the Beyond Finance Awards page, and fill out the submission form. Then, our in-house judges will create a shortlist that will be passed onto our expert jury panel for final review.

Who are the jury members?

We’re inviting six industry leaders and big thinkers from all over the globe to come together and handpick the winners of each category, based on your nominations. Here’s who will be joining us in celebrating the best in finance:

Image of the Beyond Finance Awards jury members

We’re thrilled to be just a small part of showcasing the best in finance, and it really wouldn’t be possible without the countless accountants, bookkeepers, and industry professionals that keep the world of finance an exciting one.

Be part of the celebration and make your nominations today.

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