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Introducing the Customer Referral Program and other features

September 18, 2023

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We are thrilled to announce our latest features, improvements, and bug fixes to enrich your experience.

Our latest release includes the following improvements:

1. Earn Additional Credits from the Customer Referral Program

We have introduced our Customer Referral Program, now available to all active Receipt Bot users. You can refer friends, colleagues, and fellow professionals to join Receipt Bot, and both you and your referrals can enjoy the benefits.

The referral program is only available to account owners who have subscribed to a paid plan in Receipt Bot.

You can register for the customer referral program by following these steps:

Step 1 – Navigate to the Subscription & Billing page in the Receipt Bot.

Step 2 – Select the “Referral Rewards” tab.

Step 3 – Click the “Join” button.

You will be registered to the Referral Program in Receipt Bot. Referral links will be available to you that can be copied and shared with others.

If anyone registers to Receipt Bot using your referral link and subscribes to a paid plan, you and the referred user will receive up to 33% additional credits.

Suppose you refer a user who subscribes to the Pro plan in Receipt Bot; you and the referred user will get 600 additional credits.

2. Extract Statements Data Separately by Sub Account

Previously, when you uploaded a bank statement that contained multiple sub-accounts and downloaded the transaction data, it was difficult for users to differentiate transactions for each sub-account.

You now have a setting in the Data Extraction Settings tab to split statement documents by sub-accounts.

Suppose you enable the above setting and upload a document that contains two sub-accounts and a primary account. Receipt Bot will make two additional copies of the statement and extract transactions separately for each account.

3. Download Purchase/Sale Invoices Data in Your Desired Format

Previously, you could download extracted invoice data in the standard format only. Some users shared that after downloading the data, they had to remove unnecessary columns and format the dates in their desired formats.

You can now design a custom format for downloading the purchase/sale invoice data. You can define the columns to include in the format, the date formats to be used, etc.

4. Download Files after applying filters on key fields, e.g. Invoice date

Previously, users could download the original PDF/image files from the upload history page that did not offer advanced filters based on transaction data. We received user feedback for the advanced filter-based file download and built the feature to meet your requirements.

With this new feature, you can apply the advanced transactional data-based filters on the Purchase and Sales Invoice pages and download the associated PDF/Image files.

5. Assign GL accounts to record payment of bills/receipts and sale invoice

Previously, if you enabled payment to a GL account in Xero, it was not imported as a payment method into Receipt Bot. Therefore, you could not record payment of bills/receipts and sale invoices with a GL account.

Receipt Bot will now import GL accounts where payment is enabled from Xero.

6. Bug Resolutions

We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible, and this release includes several bug fixes to enhance your user experience. One of the key mentions here is the issue that appeared on the bank statement page, and the extracted start/end dates were adjusted for time zone and resulted in a difference by one day.

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