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Introducing the key WorkflowMax by BlueRock integrations to power up every step of your workflow

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As Head of Growth and Partnerships, I can confidently say that partnerships play a pivotal role in the development and success of new job management software like WorkflowMax by BlueRock.

By collaborating with a diverse range of technology and service providers, we've been able to create a robust ecosystem that enhances functionality and extends our capabilities. These strategic alliances allow us to integrate complementary applications, such as accounting software, CRM systems, and various productivity tools, which streamline workflows and eliminate the need for multiple standalone solutions. Such integrations not only save time and reduce errors but also significantly boost operational efficiency and overall profitability for our users.

Moreover, partnerships are essential in fostering innovation and ensuring our software remains at the cutting edge of technology. They provide us with access to broader expertise and specialised knowledge, which is crucial in addressing complex user needs and adapting to changing market conditions. I’m thrilled to share more on our growing range of integrations that will really help small business customers.

Manage your customers and sales pipelines


Launching end of June.

Integrate HubSpot with WorkflowMax by BlueRock to seamlessly manage your customer relationships and sales pipelines. HubSpot's powerful CRM capabilities allow you to track every interaction, automate follow-ups, and gain valuable insights into your sales process. This integration ensures that your customer data is always up-to-date and easily accessible, enabling your sales team to focus on closing deals and building strong customer relationships.

Boost your ability to schedule and manage team capacity  


Available now.

PlanRight enhances your scheduling capabilities by integrating with WorkflowMax by BlueRock to provide a visual overview of your team's availability and project timelines. Easily drag and drop tasks to reassign resources and adjust schedules as needed. This integration helps you maintain a balanced workload across your team, improving efficiency and ensuring that projects stay on track.

Launching in August.

With integrated into WorkflowMax by BlueRock, you can effortlessly plan and manage your team's workload. provides real-time visibility into your team's capacity, allowing you to allocate resources effectively and avoid overloading your staff. This integration helps you optimise project schedules, ensuring that deadlines are met and your team remains productive.

Automate payments and expense tracking  


Live now.

Integrating Xero with WorkflowMax by BlueRock streamlines your financial management by automating invoicing, payments, and expense tracking. Sync your job management data with Xero to ensure that all financial transactions are accurately recorded and up to date. This integration reduces the time spent on manual data entry and helps you maintain accurate financial records.


Live now.

EzzyBills simplifies expense management by automating the capture and processing of receipts and invoices. Integrate EzzyBills with WorkflowMax by BlueRock to automatically extract data from receipts and sync it with your job management system. This integration helps you keep track of expenses in real-time, reducing administrative overhead and improving financial accuracy.

Power up your reporting insights

Dashboard Insights

Live now.

The Dashboard Insights integration provides WorkflowMax by BlueRock users with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Create custom dashboards and reports to gain deeper insights into your project performance, financial health, and team productivity. This integration helps you make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.  


Live now.

SyncHub connects WorkflowMax by BlueRock with your preferred business intelligence tools, enabling you to consolidate data from multiple sources and generate comprehensive reports. Easily visualise your job management data alongside other business metrics, providing a holistic view of your operations. This integration enhances your reporting capabilities and supports strategic decision-making.


Launching end of June.

Rally’s integration with WorkflowMax by BlueRock enhances your project management by providing powerful reporting and analytics tools. Track project progress, measure team performance, and identify potential bottlenecks with ease. This integration helps you stay on top of your projects and ensures that you have the insights needed to deliver successful outcomes.


Launching end of June.

Etani enhances your administrative efficiency by integrating with WorkflowMax by BlueRock to automate data entry and reporting tasks. This integration helps you save time on routine administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on more strategic activities.

Get paid faster


Launching in July.

The AirWallex integration with WorkflowMax by BlueRock will simplify your global payments and reduce transaction costs. Automate invoicing and payment processes to ensure that you get paid faster and more efficiently. This integration supports multiple currencies and provides transparent exchange rates, helping you manage international transactions with ease.

Automate more of your admin tasks


Launching in June.

Upsheets integrates with WorkflowMax by BlueRock data to simplify data management and reporting. Automate the transfer of data between your job management system and spreadsheets, and easily upload into Xero or other payroll apps. This integration reduces manual data entry and enhances your ability to generate accurate reports.


Launching in July.

The Notud integration allows you to digitise and streamline your administrative tasks. Capture notes, create to-do lists, and manage documents directly within WorkflowMax by BlueRock. This integration reduces the need for paper-based processes and improves your overall productivity.


Launching later in 2024.

Zapier acts as a bridge between WorkflowMax by BlueRock and hundreds of other apps, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks without any coding. Create "Zaps" to connect WorkflowMax by BlueRock with your email marketing tools, CRM systems, and other business applications, ensuring that data flows smoothly across all your platforms. This automation not only saves time but also reduces the risk of manual errors.

Do more with effective document management

Google Drive

Live now.

Integrate Google Drive with WorkflowMax by BlueRock to easily store, access, and share project-related documents. This integration ensures that all your files are organised and readily available, improving collaboration and reducing the time spent searching for documents.


Live now.

The Dropbox integration with WorkflowMax by BlueRock provides a secure and efficient way to manage your documents. Sync your files automatically and access them from any device, ensuring that your team has the information they need at their fingertips. This integration enhances document management and supports seamless collaboration.


Live now.

The Box integration offers advanced document management capabilities for WorkflowMax by BlueRockusers. Securely store, share, and collaborate on files with your team, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest documents. This integration helps you maintain control over your documents and enhances your workflow efficiency.


Launching in August 2024.

SuiteFiles integration with WorkflowMax by BlueRock streamlines your document management processes. Organise, share, and collaborate on files within a centralised platform, ensuring that your team has access to the information they need. This integration improves document accessibility and supports efficient project management.

Partner with implementation experts for optimal results

Working with an implementation partner or cloud integrator can significantly enhance the efficiency and speed of setting up your complete tech stack. These experts ensure that all integrations are seamlessly configured, allowing you to fully leverage the capabilities of WorkflowMax by BlueRock and its partner applications. This professional guidance not only helps achieve a smooth implementation but also makes sure that your business processes are optimised for maximum productivity and growth. For more information on finding the right partner, visit the WorkflowMax by BlueRock Partner Directory.

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