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Introducing View Share in Zoho Tables

June 27, 2024

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Data plays a pivotal role in modern work; and in businesses, the ability to store, manage, track, assess, analyze, and share data seamlessly is key to driving decision-making in the right direction. Modern tools that offer robust data management empower teams to stay efficient and accurate.

Whenever we mention "data management", we have to talk about Zoho Tables. From intuitive data entry and organization, custom views, automations, and data relationships to integrations and security, Zoho Tables offers robust capabilities to enhance the way you handle data.

Your work data is complex, vast, and constantly changing, and not everyone who's part of your business needs access to all of the data you possess. To ensure controlled access to your data, we're now introducing View Share.

Importance of controlled access

Enhanced focus and productivity

Sharing only the required information with individuals eliminates the distraction caused by irrelevant information and helps focus on what matters to them. This also helps reduce information overload.

Better decision making

Modern businesses leverage work data to derive deep insights and make informed decisions. However, more data doesn't always translate into better insights. Relevance plays a critical role in the quality of insights, and when teams aren't overwhelmed with irrelevant data, they can make better-informed decisions more quickly.

Improved compliance

By restricting access to sensitive data based on roles and permissions, you can improve compliance by ensuring only the right personnel can access and modify that data. This helps businesses meet regulatory requirements, mitigates risks associated with data breaches, and ensures confidentiality.

View Share in Zoho Tables

View Share in Zoho Tables is quite simple—but the highlight of this feature is its ability to let you control the kind of access your view users get.

When sharing a view in Zoho Tables, you can choose the kind of access the collaborator can have in that view:

  • With data maintainer access, a collaborator can make changes only to the data, like updating a task status or adding new task items to their view. This won’t let them make any changes to the settings of the view.
  • With commenter access, a collaborator can add new comments, edit or delete their comments, and view comments made by other collaborators. This is helpful when you're only sharing data to get feedback.
  • With viewer access, a collaborator can only see the data in the view. This can be used when you want to share specific data (like sales data) only for viewing purposes.

Learn more about how View Share in Zoho Tables works

Examples of View Share in Zoho Tables

The following use cases help explain how View Share in Zoho Tables can improve work management by providing tailored access to relevant information.

Planning and coordination for event management

An event planner wants the operations team to stay updated about total registrations and confirmed attendees. All they have to do is create a view for the operations team, filtered to show confirmed attendees.

The event planner can also create custom views specific to the venue manager, caterer, decorator, event rental supplier, entertainers, event marketers, finance team, and more, with the data relevant to them. This way, there's no need to create multiple documents detailing every department’s requirements, which reduces back and forth communication about changes made to the data.

Inventory management for ecommerce

An ecommerce business has its customer orders fulfilled from multiple warehouses.

The manager can create a view, specific to each warehouse, configured based on order status (like processing, packing, shipped, delivered, etc). This can be shared with the fulfilment team in each warehouse, and they can ensure order fulfilment on time and keep track of their orders.

The inventory manager can also create a view for the procurement team, with filters to show low-stock items. With this, the procurement team can ensure timely reordering and restocking of the items in the warehouse.

Share the right data with the right people

When you think about sharing data, you need to think about the different people you’re sharing the data with, their roles in your business, and the information that their roles need. This is the starting point to treating your data the right way—sharing data only with those that need it. The View Share feature in Zoho Tables is designed with the aim of enabling this kind of responsible data sharing.

If you haven’t tried Zoho Tables yet, sign up for free and boost your business’s productivity with a strong commitment to security and privacy.

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