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Introducing Xero Product Ideas

February 22, 2022

For the past 10 years, the interactive discussions of Feature Requests has been the home for our customer feedback and thoughts on how we can make Xero an even better experience. We’re excited to share that we’re relaunching Feature Requests as Xero Product Ideas on 5 April.

Just like Feature Requests, Xero Product Ideas is our way of making sure we hear directly from you on what’s important. On Xero Product Ideas you can share your ideas on the changes you’d like to see in Xero, comment on the community’s thoughts and ideas, and vote for the ideas you’d most like to see delivered.

How your feedback informs Xero’s product strategy

Your ideas and votes help inform our product teams on what’s important to you. Our product teams include your feedback in their strategy and product leadership consider it in their prioritisation. This blog post explains how Xero prioritises product improvements and requests.

Your voice truly makes an impact! As an example, last year, our product team completed changes to Xero’s General Ledger Reports. This was a popular idea from Feature Requests, with hundreds of votes from the community.

Another in-demand idea completed is the ability to create a packing slip. This idea had almost 500 votes from the Feature Requests community.

Our product team also completed changes to contact credit limits, giving customers the ability to assign limits to profiles and get alerted when these limits are reached. This idea had hundreds of comments from the Feature Requests community and we were pleased to be able to deliver this feature change in early 2021.

The changes you may notice

Although the objective of the two sites is largely the same, frequent visitors to Feature Requests will notice a couple of differences on Xero Product Ideas.

There’s a refreshed, more modern design with a larger range of topics to share your ideas on. And in response to your feedback, you’ll be able to see the publishing dates of ideas and comments.

The biggest change you will see is an exciting update to the voting system. The votes you allocate to product ideas are now unlimited! Xero has grown and our platform has expanded considerably since Feature Requests was started 10 years ago. We recognised that the ten votes weren’t enough for all the great customer ideas that covered all product areas of Xero, so we’ve made them unlimited. This means you can vote for as many ideas as you wish!

You’ll also see that we have kickstarted Xero Product Ideas by migrating hundreds of the most voted, commented and viewed ideas from Feature Requests. We encourage you to add back any important ideas that you think haven’t been migrated.

Rest assured that all content from Feature Requests – including ideas not moved over to Xero Product Ideas – has been carefully archived internally at Xero. These will continue to be used by our product teams in their research, strategy and prioritisation when considering new features for Xero.

How to share your ideas with us

To get the Xero Product Ideas community started, our team has carefully selected hundreds of ideas from Feature Requests to be brought across to Xero Product Ideas. You may like to start by joining the discussion on these and add your thoughts and feedback. Start by searching, or dive into a forum to see and join in on ideas that have been started. Or, look out for the ‘Post a new idea’ button if your idea hasn’t already been suggested.

We’d like to thank everyone who has helped make Feature Requests so successful. We really love hearing your thoughts, feedback and ideas for how we can make Xero an even better experience – so please keep sharing them with us.

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