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IRESS XPlan and Annature Unveil New Integration for Effortless eSigning and Data Sync

May 24, 2023

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Annature, a leading provider of eSignature and ID verification technology, announced today its integration with IRESS XPlan, a leading financial planning and advice software provider.

This integration will enhance Annature’s eSignature capabilities by enabling users to sync client data in real-time with IRESS XPlan, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

Sharing client data between platforms eliminates opportunity for error, knowing that details are originating from your source of truth. Signed documents are automatically filed back into XPlan eliminating the need for manual upload processes.

Data is shared seamlessly between both platforms which means everything stays in sync.

"We are excited to announce our integration with IRESS XPlan," said Amreeta Abbott, CEO of Annature. "I have a long standing admiration for Xplan since my early days as an adviser and this integration will allow our customers to easily and securely sign documents within their existing workflow, streamlining their processes and saving them time."

The integration will allow users to access Annature’s eSignature technology directly within the IRESS XPlan platform, eliminating the need to switch between applications. This will provide a more efficient and seamless user experience, improving workflow and reducing turnaround time for signatures and client verification. 

Annature’s eSignature solution is trusted by financial institutions, legal firms, and businesses of all sizes for its ease of use, security, and compliance with industry regulations. With the integration of Annature’s eSignature technology, IRESS XPlan users can benefit from the same level of security and compliance in their document signing processes.

The integration is now available to all IRESS XPlan users.

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