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January’s hot new releases 🔥

February 4, 2022

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Happy February! Longer days (and spring!) are finally on the horizon. But let's take a moment to think about January: it gets a rough deal. Not only does it never seem to end, but for a lot of us, it’s also right in the middle of winter. And it has to follow December with all its sparkly lights and festive cheer. Brutal. But here at Revolut, we love good old January. Why? Because nothing beats the cold like hot new features. And last month we made plenty of them. Take a look and enjoy!

Search for Stays by property name 🏖️

There’s no doubt about it spending hours browsing potential holiday destinations is fun. But sometimes you just know exactly where you want to be. Whether you’ve been there before, seen it on Insta, or your friend just won’t stop saying ‘you have to go!’, you can now find it in seconds by putting the name straight in the search bar.

Save your favourite Stays ❤️

Speaking of searching for the perfect getaway, there’s nothing worse than finding your absolute dream destination only to realise you didn’t bookmark it. Okay, some things are worse but it’s still really annoying. We say ‘no more’. Now you can save your faves with a tap.

Transfers have a new look and feel 💅

Considering our customers make millions of transfers each month, we thought we give the transfer screen some TLC. Not only has it had a sleek new makeover, but we’ve also added some handy quick actions. So you can send, split and share in seconds.

Transfer money in 6 new currencies 🌎

Brazilian Real, Chilean Peso, South Korean Won, Serbian Dinar, Sri Lankan Rupee, and Vietnamese Dong are now available to send in your app. That’s more than 30 currencies in total. Not that we’re counting (we’re totally counting).

Have a fabulous February! ✨

Heads up – Stays is only available in the UK and EEA for now, but we’re working on bringing it to other areas as soon as we can, so Stay tuned (get it?). We hope you enjoy January's updates. We’ll be back at the end of the month with a batch of fresh February updates!

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