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Joe Ahmad joins Emersion as Operations Manager

August 18, 2021

This week we’re pleased to report that Joe Ahmad has joined the Emersion leadership team as our Operations Manager.

A leader of strategy, operations, and innovation teams for the last decade, Joe previously led the operational excellence team at Momentum Energy and the strategy team at Telstra, where he was responsible for large scale transformation programs.

Joe brings to Emersion a keen interest in the opportunities that data analytics, automation, digitisation, and AI can provide to transform business processes. He’s passionate about building and developing teams to achieve incredible results, which is shown in his impressive track record.

Joe has also been a guest speaker for various events in the fields of process improvement and automation, to support other professionals on their journey and to help grow the community of experts.

We’re looking forward to working with Joe to build a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence here at Emersion. Welcome to the team Joe!

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