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July 2024 Release

July 9, 2024

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NEW N81 HMRC Payroll Submissions  

We are pleased to announce significant improvements in how we handle wages and pensions in our worksheets. A new worksheet now captures data lodged with HMRC, which is used to prefill the N80 Wages and PAYE and N75 Workplace Pension worksheets. This new worksheet also allows for recording the number of employees and distinguishing between employee wages and director wages. N80 Wages and PAYE now integrates National Insurance Contributions into the PAYE amounts, ensuring accurate calculations for PAYE payable. Additionally, N75 Workplace Pensions now separates employer and employee contributions, providing greater transparency and clarity in pension management. These updates aim to streamline data entry and enhance the accuracy of your accounting processes.

NEW 102A Work from Home Deduction (for Personal binders)

Designed to simplify the tracking and management of expenses incurred while working remotely. This comprehensive tool allows you to easily record and categorise various work-from-home expenses such as internet, utilities, office supplies, and more. The worksheet includes automated calculations for total expenses and provides insights into deductible amounts, ensuring accurate and efficient documentation.

NEW H11 Amortisation Schedule and H13 Hire Purchase Schedule

Introducing an easier way to keep track of your client’s loan obligations. Our H11 Amortisation Schedule and H13 Hire Purchase Schedule worksheets accommodate a range of payment frequencies from weekly to annual to provide flexibility in managing loan obligations, as well as the ability to deal with irregular and off-off payments. Make payments in arrears or advances and add any relevant admin charges and balloon payments. The worksheets also enable you to view total loan balances in a consolidated manner, as well as the traditional split between current and non-current amounts.

NEW F12 Stock on Hand

Tring to record your client’s inventory in our Other Assets worksheet? We have now designed a specialised worksheet that details Stock on Hand using either your client’s list or their general ledger. Easily compare to last year’s balance.

NEW H20 Leases

This new worksheet is designed to enhance financial tracking and planning by calculating lease payment amounts due in 12 months, 1 to 5 years, and greater than 5 years for both finance and operating leases. By providing a clear and structured overview of your lease obligations, this tool ensures your client can manage their lease payments efficiently.

Other templates that have minor improvements, bug fixes or have been redesigned include:

  • N10 Donations
  • N25 Fines and Penalties
  • N40 Legal Fees
  • K05 Company Capital Accounts
  • K07 Partners and Sole Traders Capital
  • K10 Reserves
  • F05 Trade Debtors and H05 Trade Creditors
  • F12 Cashbook
  • P01 Personal Summary

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