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Latest product news – September 2021

September 1, 2021

In the past month, we’ve released a number of new features to help you get paid faster, including better visibility of purchase orders on the go and enhancements to your e-invoicing experience. Let’s take a look.

New features

View purchase orders in the Xero Accounting App – Global

You can now view purchase orders in the Xero Accounting App that you’ve created on your desktop. Select the ‘purchase’ tab to see purchase orders that are in draft, awaiting approval, approved and billed. This is one of our most requested features and helps you understand what products or services have been ordered, so you can manage your budget on the go.

Reconcile fees to get more out of bank reconciliation – Global

Being able to reconcile fees as part of your bank reconciliation process is now a reality. You can filter, search and match both money spent and received transactions from ‘Find and Match’ in the Xero Accounting app (iOS only). We’ve also added icons next to each transaction to help you easily identify money coming in and going out. Android coming soon.

Enjoy more control over creating clients in Xero HQ – Global

We know the real power of Xero HQ comes from connecting your client’s record and their Xero organisation. That’s why we’ve made it easier to add an existing organisation to a client in Xero HQ. Now when you accept an invite, or add an organisation to your practice, you can choose whether to create a new client record for your practice, or add the organisation to an existing client.

View the ‘Pay Now’ button as you scroll – Global

Adding an online payment service to your invoice can help you get paid faster. We’ve made it easier for your customers to pay the online invoice by keeping the ‘Pay now’ button visible at the top of your customer’s browser as they scroll, allowing them to view the entire invoice and select the ‘Pay now’ button at any point on any device.

Add folders to quotes in WorkflowMax – Global

If your business does work that’s made up of many deliverables, then adding folders to quotes in WorkflowMax is a game-changer. By grouping costs and tasks together in your quotes, you’ll have a better view of the gross margin and profit percentages of each phase of a job or project, allowing you to quickly see where you’re making money.

Find an advisor online with our matchmaking feature – Global

We’ve made it easier for small businesses to find the right advisor, by enhancing our matchmaking tool within the Advisor Directory. Once you complete our newly shortened form, our algorithm suggests three advisors who look like a good fit. We’ll then show your matches in the browser (previously, they were sent via email), highlighting the areas in which the advisors’ expertise matches your needs.

Use new e-invoice fields to speed up payment – AU and NZ

You can now add multiple references to a Xero e-invoice, such as a purchase order, buyer reference, contract, project or tender number. This is handy if you’re a government supplier or have large buyers. You can also add a bank account to make it easier for customers to pay you, and an email address so they can contact you. Ask your government or enterprise customer to see what fields they require.

Prepare and file personal tax returns within Xero Tax – UK

Reclaim your January! If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper using Xero Tax in the UK, you can now prepare and file personal income tax returns, as well as prepare sole trader accounts. Like the rest of Xero Tax, your data is synced between your clients’ books, accounts production and their tax return.

Show or hide accounting basis in reports – US

As reporting on a cash basis is the norm in the US, we’ve released an update that displays the words ‘Accrual Basis’ on screen and in exported documents, if the report is run on an accrual basis. You can also choose to remove this heading on reports where there is an option to use a cash or accrual basis. This is another step in our journey to build US-specific features for your business.

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