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LoanQ recognises Annature as more than an exclusive eSigning provider

May 4, 2022

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LoanQ, the largest asset finance and personal loan broker platform in Australia - has signed with Annature as its exclusive eSigning provider. Built for the digital age, it was Annature’s feature rich platform for eSigning, Identity Verification (ID), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) capabilities that made sense for LoanQ to switch from its existing international provider.

With more than 4,000 mortgage and finance brokers, LoanQ moved to the Australian-owned Annature eSigning platform to deliver a more fully featured, digitised, data secured, customised and flexible eSigning product. Built on a highly secure blockchain model, trusting Annature made sense for its growing customer base – ensuring the confidence of 100 per cent of its eSigned documents at a cost considerably less than overseas providers.

LoanQ's sophisticated algorithms are designed for mortgage and finance brokers, plus dealership business managers and act as a complete solution for finance and loan origination. LoanQ Head of Distribution, Scott Juda said a critical deciding factor in implementing Annature is its easily scalable cloud-based architecture. LoanQ is already growing at 30% per cent a year; he expects that trend to continue.

"We're cloud-first because that is what logic and technology-enabled solutions thrive and scale on. And as we all saw with COVID, people globally adapted to digital working. Do the maths: the savings in terms of time and money for business and customers going digital are enormous," said Scott.

Because LoanQ found the digital signing systems of previous providers didn't work as fluently as expected, they decided to make the move to integrate with Annature, a streamlined experienced due to its innovative API capability.

Mortgage and finance brokers estimate that a minimum of three documents per loan application requires a signature. Scott estimates that if all lenders - including the ultra-conservative banks - fully accepted verified eSignatures instead of pen and paper, they would save thousands of hours per month for staff and customers alike- and a consequent massive benefit in profit.

Annature CEO and founder Amreeta Abbott said: "Annature and LoanQ are ideal partners because we're two companies which believe in the same thing. Our technology is API-driven, exceptionally reliable, we're ISO certified, ID verification/KYC/AML feature rich and all data with us is safely stored here onshore in Australia."

Amreeta Abbott founded Annature because she was perplexed at the unnecessarily complicated signing process for legal and financial documents. Annature custom designs its integration technology to ensure clients and partners have the system they want, the way they want it - and the efficiencies are enormous.

"Annature also has a simple rule we live by - we care about your bottom line as much as you do," she said. "There is no need to pay a premium for an eSigning, identification and payment processing. Costs can fluctuate significantly because the original price was set in U.S. dollars by companies which are far away and impervious to your needs."

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