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Managing Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) or lieu leave

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Managing TOIL or lieu leave enables employees, if allowed by their employer and the award conditions in Australia, to accumulate paid time off in lieu instead of receiving overtime pay, for working extra hours beyond their regular hours.

Organisations should develop a clear policy that outlines how TOIL/Lieu Leave is recorded as a credit and then taken as leave. Rules on when it can be taken should be communicated to employees, as some organisations allow flexibility, while others may have restrictions regarding when it can be taken and how much advance notice is required.

Many organisations still use manual spreadsheets to track TOIL/Lieu Leave which could cause the organisation to have a range of issues such as incorrect records, loss of data and not paying correctly on termination.

In CloudPayroll/iPayroll there is the ability to set up specific leave types that employees can apply for. Through their employee kiosk app employees can seek approval of working additional hours to go into TOIL/Lieu Leave credit before they work them. This can avoid any misunderstandings if the employee works additional hours which may not have been approved by their manager. If approved by the manager, the employee will receive an automatic email notification that the credit time has been approved. This will then be added to the TOIL/Lieu Leave balance in the appropriate pay period.

By automatically adding hours worked to the balance, leave approvers will have full visibility of the balance enabling them to make appropriate decisions when leave is requested to take time off as TOIL/Lieu Leave.

When employees apply to take their TOIL/Lieu leave via their Kiosk app, they select the to and from date/period. If a work profile has been set up for employees CloudPayroll/iPayroll will automatically apply normal hours worked for that day/period, although this can be changed by employees, if for instance they wish to take a few hours off for their manager to approve.

TOIL/Lieu Leave can be seen to reward employees for their extra effort while maintaining work-life balance and flexibility without costing organisations extra dollars on their payroll. CloudPayroll/iPayroll makes keeping track of employees balances an easy one.

For more information, please contact CloudPayroll/ iPayroll.

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Phone: +61 3 9670 0422 or +64 4 472 2997

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