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March Product Updates

March 25, 2022

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Sage Intacct, Approvals & Purchase Order enhancements

We've focused our past few release cycles on features enabling you to complete core tasks more efficiently.  Key highlights include:

  • Single-click approval/sign-off and exports to skip approval steps and export your data faster
  • Enhanced Conditional Approvals that cater for up to 8 people in an approvals flow.
  • Another round of Purchase Order enhancements including:
  • Creating PO from existing Bills
  • Copying existing POs  
  • Bulk creation of POs and GRNs via CSV import
  • More flexibility to define criteria for 'suggested' Bill to PO matches
  • We are also super excited to announce our new Sage Intacct partnership!

Keep up-to-date by joining a webinar

Join us for our first release webinars of the year to see all of these new features in action. Click below to book your preferred time slot. If neither suits, then sign up for any session to be sent a recording.

EMEA APAC Wednesday 30th March at 12.30pmTuesday 29th March at 11.00am Thursday 31st March at 12.30pmWednesday 30th March at 12.00pm

Feature Releases & Updates

Single Click Approvals & Exports

At Lightyear, we've always been about speed. Get your data faster and Approve/Sign Off/Export with one click! This will allow you to skip multiple clicks/tabs. Your options will be based on your permissions and, of course, these steps are recorded in your Activity history. Get your data into your accounting software at record speed.

Enhanced Conditional Approvals to cater for up to 8 conditional steps

If you were already loving our Conditional Approvals, you're about to love the flexibility we're bringing to you now. You were already able to set approvals based on dollar values for up to 2 steps. You might not need them all, but we've now increased that so you can create layers of approval conditions to your heart's content - up to 8 conditional steps! You simply choose the values and users required, then set your rules according to whether you need all levels of approval to be met or only the most relevant value. Not only does this make it more flexible, but it gives you more control and ultimately more automation. Don't you just love it (conditionally)?

Copy POs from Existing Bills

We've just made creating POs even easier. Here's the first way: You can now create a new PO by copying from a Bill in Lightyear. If you want to reorder the same items, create a carbon copy with a simple click. Update your details and get ready to Create/Approve/Order on the spot.

Copy an Existing PO

The second way is to copy from an existing PO in the workflow. No more typing out the individual items for a duplicate order again. One click will save your updates and save you time from entering from your picklist. You can even save a few as drafted templates to help you quickly purchase items you regularly order. Another way to streamline your orders!

Bulk Creation of POs and GRNs

The third way we have made PO creation easier is via a csv import. This is super helpful for those who are tracking purchases and even deliveries via spreadsheets. Upload your csv POs and GRNs to create them in bulk (with line item detail) into Lightyear in an instant. Upgrade your current processes and your data will land in Lightyear faster and easier than ever before. These are the three ways to make orders and deliveries easier. The choice is yours.

Improved Criteria for 'Suggested' Matches

Were you getting multiple matches with our 3-Way matching? We've now introduced tighter rules for world class PO - Bill Matching. We've introduced Suggestion Criteria which helps to reduce the number of possible matches displayed to you. In this example, Lightyear will present suggested matches based on Prod Code AND Quantity AND Unit Cost. Now that's class!

Announcing our Sage Intacct Partnership !

Sage Intacct is a leader in the ERP space globally.   A number of Lightyear customers are already exporting data into their Intacct accounts.  Following increased demand from our existing customers and prospects alike, we identified Sage Intacct as our next ERP partner.    

We are pleased to confirm our integration is now live and you can find us on the Sage Intacct Marketplace.  

Not known to do things by half, we have built a best-in-breed integration that syncs all tax components and document attachments via the API.  More information can be found here.

What's Next?

Here's the sneak peek on what you can look forward to for our next batch of upcoming features:

  • Major Feature ALERT - Introducing an Advanced Reporting engine for all your reporting needs
  • Auto-Publishing of Bills and Credit Notes to accountancy software & bulk exporting from Review Tab.  If Bills pass all validations they can be automagically sent to your Accounting/ERP software without ever landing in an approval flow in Lightyear.
  • PO line item reporting - allowing deep granular reporting on a line-by-line level for Purchase Orders
  • Ability to add/sync more than 2 Tracking Categories/Classes/Locations/Dimensions
  • Bulk Sign Off options from the Approvals tab

Get set up on new features!

If you have any questions, need a hand getting set up, or even feedback about any of the features, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop an email over to us at and one of our friendly team members will happily help you out.

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