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Meet our new US Xero Partner Advisory Council members

January 9, 2024

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We have the pleasure of welcoming six new members to our US Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC).

The XPAC is made up of a diverse panel of accountants and bookkeepers who are thought leaders and pioneers in the profession, and eager to share their unique ways of thinking, case studies and past successes to inform the future.

Korbyn Gallegos, Director of Accounting, Ignite Spot

Korbyn has been a critical player at Ignite Spot since 2015. He chose the accounting field because it’s consistent and concrete, and loves helping hundreds of businesses improve their accounting, reporting and technology systems.

David Rogowiec, Partner, Equivion

David worked at Deloitte on the Multi-State Tax team for two years prior to starting Equivion. At Equivion, he and his co-founder have worked on all kinds of clients but have recently homed in on e-commerce clients, which pairs nicely with Xero’s framework and capabilities. As a small but growing firm, Equivion looks to provide quality support to their customers and is looking to hire its first full-time employee soon.

As an XPAC member, David is eager to provide feedback on Xero products and features to better help small businesses and their advisors work together.

Tayla Willinger, CAS Accounting Manager, Adams Brown

Tayla is a seasoned professional with a dynamic background in accounting, banking and agriculture. Her expertise is not just in numbers — Tayla’s deep understanding of her clients’ goals at Adams Brown enables her to offer tailored solutions.

Dan Quigley, Lead Accounting Technologist, MATAX

As the Lead Accounting Technologist at MATAX, Dan stands at the forefront of integrating innovative technological solutions with traditional accounting practices. Fondly referred to as ‘the app guy’, Dan specializes in crafting automated processes that streamline financial operations, allowing the team to concentrate on the analytical and interpretative aspects of accounting.

John Towle, Director of Small Business, H&R Block

John is the Director of Small Business at H&R Block, currently leading the emerging services business for the US market with a focus on bookkeeping and payroll services. John has more than 10 years of executive leadership experience in the financial services industry, following entrepreneurial ventures in the food and events industry.

Trey Fulmer, Director of Client Services, LUCA

Trey Fulmer is the founder and CEO of LUCA, an Alabama-based modern accounting and bookkeeping firm. He’s a 2007 graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Certified Public Accountant, entrepreneur, husband and father, and committed to serving those he comes into contact with daily.

After finding success early in his career in public accounting and a tour of duty as a CFO, Trey identified a gap in the marketplace for the perfect blend of accounting savvy and modern technology. Thus LUCA was born. He now leads the Inc. 5000 recognized accounting company with a team of tech-forward accounting experts, pushing the bounds of what technology can bring to today’s small businesses.

Better experiences and outcomes for our customers

These six members bring with them a wealth of experience and proven track record of success, particularly when it comes to strategic counsel, advisory, CAS and technology implementation. They understand Xero and through open discussions, industry insights and actionable feedback, are able to create better experiences and outcomes for small businesses across the US. That’s a team we can get behind!

“We are thrilled to have such a talented and diverse group join our XPAC. Through working with them already as customers, we know they have not only had an impressive impact on their respective companies, but within the profession as well — they are eager to set change in motion, championing key opportunities and initiatives wherever possible.”

- Ben Richmond, Xero US Country Manager

They will work alongside Xero executives to drive meaningful change in the profession, from a variety of lenses, including technology, hiring and overall growth strategy — a trifecta that benefits all firms here in the US. A big thank you to these new members driving us forward, as well as all previous XPAC’ers!

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