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Micro-messaging with ZivaBot - unlocking uplift

Do business owners really have time for regular formal meetings with their accountant or bookkeeper; understand half of the things discussed in that meeting; or remember to action the items discussed?
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Both business owners and accountants have expressed to me that ineffective and irregular communication prevent them from achieving their best outcomes together.

Bridging the communication gap is more important than ever and actionable communication needs to be bite sized and instant.

Business owners are relying increasingly on micro-messaging to operate and manage their business. Fast pace life, fast pace business and the expectation for everything straight away necessitates instant messaging.  Micro-messaging, with instant notifications, can take many forms - SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger. The key is that it’s short, simple and fast to respond to.  And yes – Covid19 and working from home is accelerating the pace of micro-messaging adoption.  

The truth is our business financials have lots of gold nuggets.  Traditionally we would save them up for a formal meeting, a quarterly tax submission or a detailed email or report.   When we wait, information and inspiration is lost. Why not drop these nuggets, as value adds, in micro-messages?


Instant knowhow is also vital and that’s where Zivora’s automated alerts (powered by ZivaBot) come into play. We need our financials to proactively speak directly to us with prompts and reminders, on actions to take to ensure we achieve our goals and that’s where ZivaBot takes the wheel.

Zivora has recently launched:

  • invite anyone in to look at your simple financial story digitally
  • tag any visual with comments, events, actions and insights
  • receive actionable insight notifications when any metric moves outside of your self-set goal or tolerance (ZivaBot)

Businesses tell us this not only makes their day easier, their financials more digestible but looking at their financials is FUN.  Fun to interact with the notification, fun to learn in micro-bites, fun to respond quickly to their advisor.

Why leave it there?

Have a go today - 14 day free trial to experience micro-fun on a massive scale

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