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Monzo's international transfers just got smoother. Powered by Wise.

July 7, 2021

If you’ve been with us since 2018, you might be an OG customer who remembers when we first partnered with Monzo, to power international payments for their customers.
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Monzo’s mission is to make money work for everyone, so it was only natural that we team up with them to help folks pay their mortgage in a different country, do business abroad, travel, or just live a more borderless life.

Three years later, we’ve seen how much customers like the convenience of managing their international transactions from one platform. We’ve also heard your feedback on what doesn’t work. So we went back into the lab with Monzo to create an even better experience for our customers.

International transfers in Monzo just got smoother. And they're powered by Wise.

New design, new clarity

First things first. We have a sparkling new design for you to enjoy.

You’ll see a new button on the Monzo app that lets you start an international payment. Once you tap, you’ll be able to see the real exchange rate, fees and estimated delivery time for any transfer you’d like to set up.

Remember, since the transfer will be powered by Wise, you’ll always get the real mid-market rate, and a transparent, low fee. 50% of our transfers are instant, so sending money with Monzo and Wise together is basically a no-brainer.

Especially when you consider...

The features you’ve all been waiting for

You can now set a fixed target amount for your transfer. Enter the exact amount you want your recipient to get, whether it’s for an invoice, mortgage, or anything else. We know this was on a lot of folks’ wish list, so hurrah!

You can now save your recipients. After you enter a recipient’s details once, you won’t have to do it again for future transfers. You’ll just click on their name, and go from there. Easy-peasy!

You can now see if your transfer went through, and download a receipt. Now you can see when your money gets to your recipient, and download a record of the transaction.

If you want to read through what else is new, check out Monzo’s blog as well, here.

Some things never change

We’re proud to have worked with Monzo on these changes, but we’re even prouder that some things will always be true.

Monzo and Wise will always be on a mission to make money without borders work for everyone, and everything we do together will be in the service of that goal. It’s nice that it all can take place in one great-looking app.

Join us and see for yourself!

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