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Multi Company Reports

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Are you an owner of more than one company on the Xero accounting platform? Are you wasting a lot of time while struggling to create consolidated or combined financial statements of those companies? If yes, we have a solution for you. Your struggles are now over. Welcome to MultiCompany Reports (MCR).

Multi-Company Reports (MCR) offers a time-saving solution with a seamless and efficient way to generate consolidated financial statements, combining Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, and Aged Accounts Receivable reports.

By linking Xero companies and synchronizing data, the app automates report generation. The user-friendly interface allows easy setup, where users identify the companies, they wish to combine. The reports can be saved, published (PDF or Excel), and automated for regular distribution via e-mail.

Once you sign up, during the setup phase, you identify all the companies you would like to combine. To enhance the readability of the reports you must make sure that the same account numbers are used for the same types of accounts across all your companies.

Multi Company Reports is an application created by QPOSCONNECT LLC. Our organization includes computer programmers who have many years of experience programming customized solutions for the business community.

In addition, we also have personnel with many years of CPA (Certified Public Account) accounting expertise who are also Xero Pro advisors. We have experience in providing customized solutions involving Xero.

Pricing plans start at $90 per month.

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