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NetSuite users can automate invoice chasing and reduce late payments

March 7, 2024

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Chaser has launched a new integration with Oracle NetSuite. This new integration allows NetSuite users to automate invoice chasing and reduce late payments in an efficient and friendly way.

Oracle Netsuite users can now automate invoice chasing and reduce late payments, thanks to the new integration with Chaser accounts receivable software.

NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise software company that provides software solutions tailored for medium-sized businesses including accounting and financial management. This new integration makes it efficient and cost-effective for organizations using Netsuite to automate their accounts receivable and credit management process.

NetSuite users can seamlessly connect their system to Chaser, gaining access to streamlined accounts receivables management. The new integration between Chaser and Netsuite means data is transferred automatically between the two systems, allowing Netsuite users to avoid manual data transfer, automate invoice chasing, and effectively reduce late payments with accounts receivable automation software.

According to Intuit, the average mid-sized business in the US is currently owed $304,066 by late-paying customers. This build-up of bad debt can have a detrimental impact on the cash flow of a mid-sized business; 40% of those surveyed state that if late payments continue at this rate, they could be forced to close within the next year (Intuit).

However, by using accounts receivable automation, mid-sized businesses have been able to significantly reduce late payments and the buildup of bad debts. Business that use accounts receivables automation are three times more likely to get paid before their invoice due date (The late payment report, 2022). Furthermore, Chaser users were able to recover over $5 billion in late payments last year, by adopting a proactive approach with the help of receivables automation.

By integrating Netsuite with Chaser, mid-sized companies can effectively reduce the buildup of bad debts, mitigate the risk of cash flow issues caused by late payments, and continue to grow their business. See full details on the Chaser NetSuite integration in the help center.

Why NetSuite users should use Chaser for their debtor management

Automate invoice payment reminders without losing the human touch

Netsuite users can ensure customers never know they are using an automated system, with reminders sent from their usual email address, with their regular email signature, branding, tone of voice and personalization.

Increase your chances of prompt payment by chasing using multiple channels

NetSuite users can schedule payment reminders via multiple channels including email, SMS, call reminders, and automated debtor-phone calls using Auto-call.

Make it easier for customers to pay their invoices

Users can give all of their customers access to a dedicated Payment Portal, with automatic reconciliation in their accounting system. They can offer multiple payment options to suit customers’ needs in one location including bank transfer, direct debit, and more.

Improved insights on debtors

NetSuite users can now improve their AR process with actionable insights in Chaser. Users get access to AI-powered insights to understand which debtors to prioritize (Payer rating), who will pay late (Late payment predictor), and the best times and days to chase (Recommended chasing time).

Find out more about the benefits of integrating NetSuite with Chaser.

Keep track of all debtor communications in one place

Debtor communications and replies are pulled into Chaser automatically, set call reminders, and make and record debtor phone calls in-app. View a consolidated communication history for every invoice and every customer. Reconcile with your NetSuite system automatically, so you never chase a paid invoice.

Chaser accounts receivable software for NetSuite users

By integrating Netsuite with Chaser, businesses can effectively reduce the buildup of bad debts, mitigate the risk of cash flow issues caused by late payments, and continue to grow their business. See for yourself how the Chaser and NetSuite integration will help make your job easier and reduce late payments for your business, start a 10-day free trial or speak to an expert today.

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