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New: Consolidated updates to take your group reporting to the next level

August 26, 2021

With this month’s product release, we’re excited to introduce side-by-side reporting for consolidated budgets and cash flow statements, as well as individual company data in group reports.
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Since the launch of Fathom’s consolidation functionality, we've helped to shaved hours off consolidated reporting cycles. You’ve gained efficiency through the automatic aggregation of underlying company data, and fully customisable group report templates. This latest update is all about bringing the power of Fathom consolidations to the forefront.

Filtering financials by company

Surfacing individual company financial data within consolidations has been one of our most requested consolidated reporting features; we’re thrilled to bring it to you this month, in the form of a ‘company filter’.

Simply select the subsidiary company that you’d like to report on, then configure the table to select the financial statement or snippet you’d like to show. You can choose to include actual, prior period, budget, common size and variance reporting columns. In Fathom, you get a completely customisable table that gives directional insight into the future of the business and allows you to drill into individual company performance from the group level.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 10.22.41 am.png

More options for ‘Financials by Company'

The ‘Financials by Company’ table quickly became one of the most popular report components for consolidated groups. This month we’ve expanded this selection to include all new financial statements and data types. In addition to our existing ‘Financials by Company’ components, which display the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet by company, we’ve given you the ability to select from:

  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Budgeted Profit & Loss
  • Budgeted Balance Sheet
  • Budgeted Cash Flow Statement

This makes surfacing company-level insights even easier and allows for the quick comparison of the results of each of your locations.

Frame 1 (2)

Consolidated group landing page

Managing your consolidated group has never been easier! We’ve built you a consolidations landing page to provide a central location to manage the group level settings and provide visibility into the companies that make up the group.

From this page, it’s just a single click to access all of Fathom’s consolidation functionality, including the group level forecast. You can also navigate to your subsidiary companies and perform quick actions without leaving the page (such as downloading the consolidated chart of accounts).

Product-Update (1)

Predefined consolidated report template

Predefined report templates are a great way to get acquainted with the 90+ charts and tables that can be edited and customised to form the foundation of your Fathom management reports. We recently built a new report template that highlights the consolidated reporting features, including the Breakdown tool and the 'Financials by Company' component. You can access this new template from 'Templates section' in the Fathom Report Centre.

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