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New: Credit Insights to safeguard business against credit risk

May 6, 2020

Business has never felt riskier. The economic uncertainty delivered by COVID-19 has put question marks over everything we once took for granted: happy customers, regular sales, plans for growth. Now, every business needs to safeguard the very foundation of its existence: cash flow.
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ezyCollect is proud to announce its latest product, Credit Insights—your daily dose of debtor risk analysis, straight to your dashboard.

Key points

  • ezyCollect’s Credit Insights is designed to help you save your business from avoidable bad debts.
  • Up-to-date credit risk analysis on your entire debtor ledger uncovers priority risks as well as business growth opportunities.
  • Credit risk insights are available daily on your dashboard.
  • Credit Insights includes a live credit monitoring alert service.

Insights you can act on

Credit Insights is a unique collaboration between ezyCollect and credit reporting bureau, illion (formerly Dun and Bradstreet). Combining the rich data from both services, Credit Insights presents a comprehensive analysis of every debtor on your aged trial balance. Creditors will get aggregated data on the real-time failure risk and late payment risk of every eligible debtor so they can act early to protect cash flow.

Raj Kuckreja

ezyCollect’s co-founder, Raj Kuckreja, a chartered accountant, has first-hand experience trying to recover overdue debts from a failing business customer: “If you’re the last to know that a business is failing, you will be the last in line to get paid.

“To avoid bad debts, you need to know who you’re trading with. Then adjust your credit terms and communications based on your customer’s overall financial stabilit

“You can’t mitigate risks without good insight.”Raj Kuckreja

Insights that makes sense for your business

Credit Insights combines a debtor’s ageing invoice data from your accounting software with their trade credit activity across the known market to assign every debtor a low-to-severe risk of causing credit loss to your business.

Your business.

This is where Credit Insights is designed to shine. The analysis considers how your debtors are trading with you and other businesses. While other debtor monitoring services will give you a generic risk assessment, Credit Insights gets personal.

That’s because credit Insights understands that your unique customer relationships generate payment behaviours that could buck the wider trend. For example, you’ll have customers that are paying you fast, while delaying their payments to others. Alternatively, you’ll want to know when your business is at the tail end of the payment queue.

Insights for better strategy

With insights like this, your business can ask: Are we a preferred supplier to this customer? Which debtors are likely to put our working capital at risk?

Many businesses will strategically pivot their debtor relationships based on credit risk insights. In fact, during ezyCollect’s testing phase for the new product, 95 percent of beta testers said they would consider changing their credit terms with high-risk customers.

Other risk control measures can include closely monitoring bad debt risks and escalating collection calls. As a proactive measure, your sales team can nurture low-risk payers for more business.

Insights that simplify credit risk management

Ricardo Hori

Deeper data doesn’t have to mean more data, says ezyCollect’s Chief Technical Officer, Ricardo Hori. In fact, Ricardo and his team specifically designed Credit Insights to be easy to digest.

“Business operators don’t need more data. They need more insight.”Ricardo Hori

“Credit Insights take deep data, analyses it, and presents the assessment back to financial controllers and credit managers in a format that’s easy to understand. We want to empower them to act quickly based on evidence that directly applies to their business.”

The analysis assigns a debtor to a risk management group based on the debtor’s low-to-severe risk level. Financial controllers can quickly see the dollar value at risk in every group. Because the analysis is integrated into the ezyCollect accounts receivable platform, credit controllers get one-click access to activate ezyCollect’s ecosystem of risk reduction services: demand letters, credit reports and live credit alerts.

Credit Risk Groups on the Credit Insights Dashboard
Every eligible debtor from your accounting software is analysed and assigned a risk level.

The day-to-day job of the credit controller is quite complex, but if they can do all of their major tasks from one hub, their job efficiency and job satisfaction improves,” says Ricardo.Top features

Credit Insights is designed to give financial controllers greater visibility of credit risks and opportunities so they can take corrective action quickly:

  • Auto reads the aged trial balance from your accounting software, no manual upload required.
  • Day-by-day credit risk insights straight to your dashboard.
  • Market insights are customised to consider how debtors are trading with your business.
  • Receive live credit monitoring alerts for high-risk customers of your choice.
  • Risk analysis includes risk control considerations.
  • Groups debtors according to their credit risk. Filter and find debtors quickly.
  • Get high visibility of the dollar value of every credit risk group.
  • Credit risk report available on demand and delivered to your inbox fortnightly.

    “It’s crucial that businesses stay on top of a rapidly changing trade environment,” says Raj Kuckreja. “There is more risk out there in the market, but there is also opportunity. “

The key is being in the know

Why leave it there?

During COVID-19, businesses can trial ezyCollect’s Credit Insight’s service free for two months. Conditions apply

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