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NEW FEATURE: Know your reminder email status

April 27, 2023

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We know you love the time saving that CreditorWatch Collect’s automation offers. Now, we’re giving your efficiency another boost with our new Email Status feature.

Small but nifty, this new feature lets you see if a follow-up reminder email has been sent. And once sent, the status of that email. With a glance, see if your email has been delivered, if it’s bounced or if, and when, the customer has opened it.

This new feature has been automatically rolled out to all CreditorWatch Collect customers. Jump onto the app now to see how it helps you:

  • Quickly identify account contacts that need to be removed or updated
  • Make more informed decisions about next steps when chasing customers
  • Have more efficient phone calls with customers.


If you’ve had no traction following reminder emails, this is a simple yet effective way of having confidence that your customer is, or isn’t, receiving your communications. You’re never going to get paid if you’re communicating with an inbox that’s going unchecked. Knowing quickly and easily that a reminder email has bounced is a prompt to pick up the phone and update your customer contact details.


With some customers, email reminders are enough to elicit payment. For those needing that extra level of attention, understanding that they have indeed received your email reminder and opened it can be useful. Have confidence that your customer has received and read your latest payment reminder so you’re both clear about payment expectations. Make informed decisions about next steps if accounts go unpaid.

If you’ve got any questions about this new feature or other CreditorWatch Collect features, you can get support via our help site or by contacting our customer success team.

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