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New Features to Supercharge Calxa Express

January 13, 2022

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re making big changes to Calxa Express in March 2022. Supercharging Calxa Express will help Xero users especially. They have been requesting the option of using Account Trees. On top of this, we have also added Report Styles to give you simple ways to customise the look of your reports.
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Account Trees in Calxa Express

Account Trees let you group and summarise your accounts, giving you cleaner, more readable reports. They’ve been a much-loved feature of Calxa Premier since 2011. Now they will be available to everyone.

To get started with Account Trees is quite simple.

  1. You will find Account Trees under the Report Tools menu.
  2. Copying the original from your accounting system is usually the best way to start.
  3. From there, create Headers under the Income, Expense and other categories to group your accounts the way it suits you for management reporting.
  4. Then select that tree and a corresponding account level in the report filters to get the reports you want.

You won’t be limited to just one Account Tree. If you want to group things one way for the boss and another for your bank, go ahead! Account Trees exist to give you flexibility in the way your accounts are presented.

Report Styles in Calxa Express

But, there are more features to supercharge Calxa Express. The initial release of Report Styles in Calxa is limited to Calxa Premier users as it is a customisation feature. However, in March, we’ll extend it to Express users as well. This will give you the ability to easily change the colours on your reports and charts to match your corporate style or personal preference.

Many Bookkeeping and Accounting Practices use Calxa Express for client reporting. For this purpose, there is no limit to the number of styles you can create. So, if you are a practice reporting for multiple clients, you could style each bundle of reports the way that client wants to see it.

Pricing Changes from 1 March

We usually adjust our prices on 1 March each year and this year is no exception. With the additional flexibility added to Express this year, we’re changing the price to AU$99, US$69, NZ$99, GB£49, €59, respectively.

This pricing is for one user and one organisation. As always, you can add additional users and organisations as you need.

Special Price for Existing Calxa Express Customers

To ease the transition for existing Express users who have a current subscription as at 1 March 2022, we will discount this price by 40% for the next 12 months. We are confident that you will find this good value.

As always, we would love your feedback. Email us on

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