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New partnership simplifies ‘Tipping Bill’ compliance

May 15, 2023

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Award-winning cashless tipping platform TiPJAR has joined forces with Deputy, the leading workforce management app, to enable business owners and managers to automatically distribute tips and tronc transparently and fairly amongst their teams.

The announcement comes just as The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 - or Tipping Bill - has been passed and will soon become law that staff must distribute 100% of tips and tronc directly to staff.

Honor Anstice, Head of Partnerships for EMEA at Deputy, said: “The timing of this partnership couldn’t be better. We’ve always strongly believed that businesses have a moral obligation to pass on tips to their staff. The Tipping Bill legislation will soon make it unlawful for employers to withhold tips from staff. When the legislation comes into force in 2024, two million workers will have the right to see an employer’s tipping record, so it makes sense for businesses to automate the process.”

Built by hospitality workers for hospitality workers, TiPJAR helps turn tips into an on-demand income stream for staff, empowering them to collect and share tips and tronc fairly and transparently. Deputy simplifies shift work and creates thriving workplaces by streamlining scheduling, timesheets, tasks, and communication and integrating with payroll for business owners and their workers.

Anita Bodis, Head of Partnerships at TiPJAR, said: “No matter where you are within the hospitality industry,  tips are a vital lifeline for staff. When they get their tips through our platform, it feels like cash did. Instant recognition for the great service, totally fair and workers see transaction level detail. TiPJAR is the only automated tips and tronc solution that is 100% compliant with new legislation, and now has the added bonus of operational ease and little human intervention through this partnership - we hope to give operators a simple, easy solution to navigate the upcoming law changes.”

Honest Burgers is the first company to use the new integration from Deputy and TiPJAR and has already felt a positive impact. Tommy Giraux, Head of Project Management, said: “I used to spend about 25% of my week fixing mistakes to tips and service charges. We barely get any payroll or tipping mistakes anymore. Everything’s automated, so there are no more errors”.

Paul Hunt, Head of Tech at Honest Burgers, added: “We would spend hours going through receipts and adding adjustments manually, but now it’s just automated. We use Deputy hours to calculate the service charge split. We produce a report at the beginning or end of each week to say here’s what people worked, and we send it off to TiPJAR, and they then calculate the tronc split based on that. That’s made our life hugely easier, and we have a lot fewer complaints”.

With the rapid rise in cashless transactions since the pandemic, the link up between Deputy and TiPJAR means that employers and managers will be free of the pain of handling card payment tips, knowing that records and tax liability are covered. Meanwhile, their employees have full transparency of their tips based on their hours worked.

Honor Anstice said: “At a time when the cost of living is spiralling, and every penny counts, tips and service charges provide a welcome boost to the income of many workers. Deputy and TiPJAR come together, put the employee first and ensure they receive their fair share of tips within seven days with complete transparency.

“It is also an attractive selling point to potential recruits at a time when many businesses are competing to fill vacancies. Knowing that they will receive a completely transparent and fair distribution of tips and automated, accurate pay based on the hours they work is reassuring for employees.”

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